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The Train Sim World Spring Summit - Festival of Rail 2023

What an incredible event we showcased on our penultimate day for Festival of Rail 2023! But don't worry if you missed it, we've linked our entire stream just below for you to catch back up.
Catch our full TSW Summit VOD:
But if you happen to be searching for more information, you're in the right place!
Maybe the biggest TL:DR we've ever dropped:
February 2023:
  • Amtrak's Acela® + Boston Upgrade
  • Northeast Corridor: New York-Trenton
  • UP Heritage Livery Bundle + Sherman Upgrade
Coming Soon:
  • Niddertalbahn: Bad Vilbel - Stockheim
  • Left-Rhine: Linke Rheinstrecke: Mainz-Koblenz
  • Midland Main Line: Leicester – Derby and Nottingham
  • Peak Forest: Ambergate – Chinley and Buxton

Amtrak's Acela®

Teased before Christmas, and announced in January’s Roadmap, we can confirm the Amtrak's Acela® is coming to TSW3 – and we can confirm it’s coming this February.
Check it out in action:
So, a reworked Boston Sprinter is great and all, but wouldn’t it be cool to have another route for Amtrak's Acela® to run on? Yes? Well, we might have just the thing:

Northeast Corridor: New York-Trenton

Experience high-speed action on the fastest stretch between Boston and Providence or serve the megalopolis hub between New York and Trenton.
Yes, we’ll be taking you from New York Penn to Trenton, New Jersey in the upcoming route, which will feature the NJ TRANSIT ALP-46. Also included is the ACS-64, with Amfleets in tow, and there will also be Amtrak's Acela® services to bolster the timetable.
If you’re more freight-inclined, then read on for a pack designed to put the ‘story’ in ‘history’.

UP Heritage Livery Pack

This is gameplay pack, featuring 6 historic US Fallen Flag liveries for the Union Pacific SD70ACe, each with its own scenario, running on an upgraded Sherman Hill (with TSW3 lighting and skies).
Your roll-call:
  • UP No. 1982 represents the blue shades of the Missouri Pacific, harkening back to the streamliner days of the 1940s, mixed with their logo from the 1960s. Art deco on display ahead the heaviest of duties.
  • UP No. 1983 is found in the green, sliver and orange blend of the Western Pacific, the railroad’s final color scheme from 1979. The west’s most popular railroad now seen across UP territory.
  • UP No. 1988 changes tones with a duofold red appearance, and a white star upon the nose, in celebration of the Missouri-Kansas-Texas, otherwise known as The Katy, a midwestern rail legend now on the continental divide.
  • UP No. 1989 remembers the legendary Denver & Rio Grande Western, paying tribute to those who “went everywhere the hard way”, with silhouetted mountains over the yellow and grey sides.
  • UP no. 1995 commemorates the diversity of the Chicago & North Western, a railroad which coined the phrase “safety first”. Yellow streaks bordered by green accents make up this forward-thinking scheme.
  • UP no. 1996 incorporates the colors of Southern Pacific’s “most beautiful trains in the world”, the famous “Daylight” trains wrapped with red and orange stripes, interrupted by accents of white. The final merger for UP bringing early morning shades to the rails of Wyoming.
As a note: We’ll have a variety of bundle options available for players with all this US content – a freight bundle, a passenger bundle, and a super-duper-special-awesome bundle which contains the lot, plus all the prerequisite routes needed. More on this next week!

Niddertalbahn – Bad Vilbel-Stockheim

Let’s move away from the US, shall we? To Germany. And another piece of content that was teased before Christmas. Let’s introduce you to Niddertalbahn: Bad Vilbel – Stockheim, developed by our friends at Train Sim Germany (TSG).
We’ll be bringing Lukas in to talk more about the route at a later date, but there’s a nice teaser for you, featuring some of the sights and sounds of the route, set in 1992, as well as the BR 628.
But that’s not all German railfans have got to look forward to, because head a little West of Frankfurt and we’ve got another surprise for you.

Linke Rheinstrecke: Mainz-Koblenz

Snaking up the river Rhine, we’ll be bringing you the Linke Rheinstrecke: Mainz-Koblenz!
This is a little further out, but we’ll share more details when we’re closer to release.
And finally, it’s time we shared some love to our fellow Brits, and time to announce the route added to last month’s Roadmap from Skyhook Games.

Midland Main Line: Leicester - Derby & Nottingham

You'll be driving an East Midlands Trains BR Class 158, a 2-car DMU with a Cummins Engine variant. This route also features the East Midlands Trains BR Class 43 HST with a VP185 Engine Variant, different Cab and passenger interior. Again, more for you when we have more to share!
And finally… did someone say ‘Steam’?

Peak Forest: Ambergate – Chinley and Buxton

The tail end of the British Railways steam era, re-discover a line largely lost to history and take to the rails with the LMS Fowler 4F with ICI Hopper Wagons.
We can’t wait to share with you our second Steam route, coming a little later this year.

TSW Summit Wrap-up

We’ll be talking about some of these in more detail on Thursday’s Roadmap, and for all of these we will of course be sharing more information as we approach release windows for them. Please note: the order we’ve talked about the content in will not necessarily be the release order. We have talked about a lot in just one article, so please head to our forums, socials, and our community-run Discord server, Facebook group, and Subreddit to discuss with fellow enthusiasts!
We can’t wait to get all this in your hands, thank you for sticking with us.
Train Sim World 4
The Train Sim World Spring Summit - Festival of Rail 2023