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TSW: Northeast Corridor New York – OUT NOW!

Our next expansion for Train Sim World, entitled Northeast Corridor New York, is Out Now for Windows PC, and reproduces the famed “NEC” for modern Amtrak and CSX “Big Apple” railroading!
Here’s 10 things for you to try when you get your hands on Train Sim World: Northeast Corridor New York!

Drive the “Amtrak Cities Sprinter”

The 8600 horsepower ACS-64 locomotive is your prime traction in Train Sim World: Northeast Corridor New York, working key Amtrak services through and surrounding New York Penn station.
## Go for a Ride The included Coachclass, Café and Businessclass Amtrak Amfleet I passenger cars are authentically crafted and offer a high level of interactivity, and taking in the “NEC” from a passenger perspective is entirely immersive.
## Spend the Day Railfanning Pick a station and time of your choosing and watch the bustling action unfold! Walk around to try and find the perfect angle for that once-in-a-lifetime shot.
## Sunnyside & Suds Walking around the expansive Sunnyside Yard lets you get an up-close look at the included Amtrak equipment, and with included scenario called “Right Round”, you are tasked with taking an ACS-64 through the train wash.
## Visit Iconic Locations Service Mode allows you to spawn on-foot at more than just stations; get a first person look at the almighty Hell Gate Bridge and take in the sheer scale of this 100-year old marvel of engineering.
## Explore Freight Yards Use Service Mode to spawn into the likes of Oak Point Yard, Hunts Point and Fresh Pond Junction, walk around and move freight cars into position with the EMD GP38-2 in CSX’s distinctive YN3 livery.
## Expand Your Experience If you own the CSX GP40-2 add-on, or decide to pick it up alongside Northeast Corridor New York, not only does it now also include the YN3b livery, it will dynamically incorporate itself onto the “NEC” around the various freight yards; in addition, CSX Heavy Haul’s YN3b GP38-2 will appear.
## Switch about Oak Point The included scenario “New York Switching” brings ‘free mode’ operations starting at Oak Point Yard, similar in many ways to CSX Heavy Haul’s own “Cumberland Switchback” – with power at your disposal and CSX trackage to explore, what will you get up to?
## Go Hunting for Collectables There are a total of 75 collectables scattered about the Northeast Corridor New York route, including route maps, hazard cones, and ‘No Trespassing’ signs, where will you go looking first?
## Take out the Trash In the included scenario “Trash Collector”, you are in charge of transferring trash cars between Oak Point Yard and Harlem Terminal using a duo of CSX’s venerable GP38-2s. The famed ‘trash trains’ are a vital, daily aspect of the city that never sleeps.
And one for luck...

Corridors, Corridors Everywhere

Set up your ACS-64 as required by taking the trip between the two cabs, via the featured carbody corridor where additional controls can be found. Once ready to go, leave one corridor for another and take to the rails in Train Sim World: Northeast Corridor New York, available now!
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TSW: Northeast Corridor New York – OUT NOW!
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