Train Sim World 2

Train Sim World 2 - Beginners Guide

Starting Train Sim World 2 for the first time? Read on for some tips for how to get started...
Train Sim World 2 is the evolution of train simulation, giving you the opportunity to master high-speed services, long freight hauls or precise commuter traffic. There’s something for every railfan to enjoy and once you’ve found your favourite route, there are even more ways to play with tools like the Scenario Planner and Livery Designer. Here are ten tips as you start to explore the rails.

Complete Tutorials

Each locomotive and unit has its own unique and often complex controls. Complete the tutorials and pay attention to the detail, and go back and repeat the tutorials if you are struggling, this will help you really master each loco. You can replay tutorials at any point by going back to the main menu for each route. The more practice you have, the easier you will find it to stick to the timetable. If you want to get more in depth be sure to check out our Train Sim World 2 Manuals.

Explore Routes

In Train Sim World 2 you can get out of the cab and explore the route and stations from an entirely new angle. This will help you learn the route and make you a better driver. Each route also has various Route Tasks for you to complete or find, get out there and start adding route maps, safety signs, and all manner of railway related items, you will soon know the routes like the back of your hand.

Create Scenarios

Included with each route is a selection of pre-prepared Scenarios for you to enjoy, however, you are not limited by these. Scenario Planner lets you play it your way. Try your favourite route in the snow, challenge yourself to a difficult freight run in the dark, and enjoy each route differently every time you play. If you are feeling adventurous the ‘Off The Rails’ feature lets you take any train on any route.

Beat Your Score

As you play each Scenario you are awarded a score as you progress and complete certain actions. This is displayed in the top right of your screen. This score is based on your accuracy across your speed, punctuality, and ability to stop accurately as required. Practicing each route and mastering each loco will help you beat your previous score. Why not go back to a previously completed scenario and challenge yourself to get a higher score than your previous attempt.

Drivers Guides

Learn how to drive the locos of Train Sim World 2 in our series of video guides. They will teach you the basics of operation and give you a tour of all of the controls in the cab, perfect for mastering your runs on the routes of Train Sim World 2.

Get Creative

Try your hand at the Livery Designer. Pick your loco, think of a cool new idea, and get creating. With a plethora of layers, decals, and colours to choose from we are sure you will come up with a fantastic unique design in no time.

Join The Community

To keep up to date and get all the latest Train Sim World 2 news, updates, screenshots, and articles head to our social channels and hit Like on Facebook or Follow on Twitter. You can also join the Dovetail Forums – a great place to discuss Train Sim World 2 with like-minded individuals. The perfect place to ask us and other players questions if you need to get help with a route or locomotive. You can also take part in things like our weekly screenshot competition.

Expand Your Collection

The three routes included with Train Sim World 2 have lots of content for you to enjoy, and there is more to enjoy once you look at Add-Ons. These include routes like Cathcart Circle Line or Hauptstrecke München - Augsburg, and locomotives like the DB BR 363 and the CSX C40-8W. Head to the Xbox , PlayStation, Steam and Epic Games stores to find something new.

Read The Roadmap

Want to know what is upcoming for Train Sim World 2? We publish a Roadmap update every couple of weeks that covers all of the routes and locomotives that are currently being planned, as well as upcoming features and fixes. We also run a live stream following each Roadmap to discuss all of the changes and recent releases. Keep up to date with all new releases by following the Roadmap.

Watch Railfan TV

Each week we broadcast new and interesting content on Railfan TV, our very own streaming channels. Pre-release content, driver tips, Roadmap reviews, and interviews with the developers are just some of the brilliant content the Railfan TV team brings to you every week. Head to our Twitch or YouTube to see what you can expect from the next edition of Railfan TV.
Train Sim World 2
29 Jul
Train Sim World 2 - Beginners Guide
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