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Train Sim World Roadmap: February 2024

Whew! For those of you who have just joined us from Dovetail Direct: Spring 2024, welcome aboard. We hoped you enjoyed our whistle-stop tour of what you can expect over the next few months. And boy was that a lot of new stuff for you to get excited about, including a new country coming to Train Sim World!
And that will be the focus of February’s Roadmap, too. If you haven’t watched the Direct video, you can do so below - much of what we’ll be covering will be related to it.
In case you missed the live event, catch up on our Dovetail Direct: Spring 2024 event!
It all spells an exciting few months for the game, alongside the last hours of our Festival of Rail, Train Sim World 4 being available on Game Pass, and the release of West Somerset Railway Remastered last week, alongside some new core improvements to some of your favourite content.
Matt and Alex will be jumping on-stream on Tuesday to answer your questions about the content revealed in Dovetail Direct, and anything else related to TSW – get your questions in our Latest Q&A thread, and we’ll see you on Tuesday 13th February at 19:00 UTC!

TL;DR (too long; didn’t read) Summary

  • Lots of new content coming to Train Sim World 4!
  • From Dovetail Games:
    • London Overground: Gospel Oak – Barking Riverside
    • Bahnstrecke Salzburg-Rosenheim
    • San Bernardino Line: Los Angeles – San Bernardino
    • As-yet-unnamed upcoming U.S. route
    • Semmeringbahn: Wiener Neustadt - Mürzzuschlag
  • From our Partner Programme:
    • Simtrack Studios - BR Class 104 & Peak Forest Expansion Pack
    • Skyhook Games - Cargo Line Vol 2: Aggregates
    • Rivet Games - Fife Circle Line: Edinburgh - Markinch via Dunfermline & Kirkcaldy
    • Union Workshop - Tadami Line: AizuWakamatsu – Tadami Our first TSW Japanese route!
  • More Partners signed up to the Train Sim World Partner Programme
  • Core update launched earlier this week featuring lots of improvements across the game
  • Formation Designer beta is live for Steam and Epic players
  • West Somerset Railway Remastered is out is still 80% off until Monday on Steam!
And just to cover the changes from the previous graphic:
  • Added and named announced content from the Dovetail Direct
  • Removed released Add-ons.
We’ve also moved content to fit into updated timeframes, including:
  • Moved Suspension Improvements to Release Date TBC
  • Moved US Route to Release Date TBC

So… About That ‘US Route’

Before we get into other content, we wanted to address the (American) elephant in the room.
We do have another US route currently in the works, which is well into development, currently in the ‘No Release Date’ category. We're still working with the licensor on approvals, and when we have them, we'll share more details with you.
Eagle-eyed players may have noticed some clues though recently as to what it may be!

Dovetail Direct: Spring 2024 Summary

London Overground: Gospel Oak - Barking Riverside

An Aventra Adventure awaits! Discover North & East London boroughs aboard modern traction, traversing a newly electrified and extended line fit for future service.
Discover the dense North & East London boroughs aboard modern traction, traversing a newly electrified and extended line fit for future riverside service.
Get stuck-in driving the 4 trains per hour service on the Gospel Oak - Barking Line. Weave through the London boroughs serving the dozen original stations, as well as across the 2.8-mile extension to Barking Riverside which opened in 2022. With timetable layers and free roam, explore the route with heavy freight trains, steam specials and more!

Bahnstrecke Salzburg-Rosenheim

Teased all the way back in our Train Sim World 4 announcement, our latest German route with an Austrian border crossing will be Bahnstrecke Salzburg-Rosenheim!
Discover a scenic and lengthy hilly countryside as you drive across 89km of track operating the DB BR 111 electric loco which utilises a tap changer control system with both manual and semi-automatic input.

San Bernardino Line: Los Angeles - San Bernardino

For our US audience, let’s talk more about the second Metrolink route we’re developing after Antelope Valley…
Starting from Los Angeles Union Station, but this time heading East and connecting to San Berardino-Downtown, experiencing a more intense service pattern in a densely packed urban environment with the Metrolink MP36PH.

Semmeringbahn: Wiener Neustadt – Mürzzuschlag

Brace yourself for steep challenging gradients, spectacular views, and a mix of tunnels and viaducts!
Displayed on the route map below, you will enjoy a mix of experiences as you switch between ascending winding mountainous terrain, to entering a flatter and faster “racetrack” style of driving as you pass through 17 stations across Semmeringbahn.

Simtrack Studios - BR Class 104 & Peak Forest Expansion Pack

Coming from our partners are Simtrack, included in this pack will be the BR Green Class 104 and a timetable upgrade for Peak Forest, with extensions and additional features alongside two new wagons: the 21T Hopper and Covhop wagon.
We look forward to showing you more, right now we’ve got a few work-in-progress sneak peaks of the BR Class 104.

Skyhook Games - Cargo Line Vol 2: Aggregates

Following on from their original Cargo Line pack, Skyhook Games are coming back with the Aggregates pack including the HOA Aggregate Wagon as well as adding new scenarios to both Midland Main Line and Great Western Express add-ons.

Rivet Games - Fife Circle Line: Edinburgh - Markinch via Dunfermline & Kirkcaldy

Skyhook Games - ScotRail BR Class 158 DMU

We’re going in Circle trying to find a good way to tease this next announcement…
Rivet Games is taking us to the Fife Circle Line with the Class 170 DMU! This route will include the stunning Fourth Rail bridge, and additionally collaborating alongside Skyhook Games to add the Scotrail BR Class 158 DMU to your collections!
We’re excited to show you more of this route when we’re ready.

Union Workshop - Tadami Line: AizuWakamatsu – Tadami

Train Sim World is heading to Japan! As a debut into TSW, Union Workshop have some very early development screenshots for their Tadami Line route!
This route is still quite a way out yet, but we wanted to bring Union Workshop to our showcase and celebrate Train Sim World extending to a new country!

Additional Third-Party Partner Developments

Alongside our announcements above, we wanted to share a list of the partners we’re currently working alongside for upcoming TSW content, including both existing partners, as well as brand new names to the TSW franchise!
  • Rivet Games
  • Skyhook Games
  • SimTrack
  • Luminaries
  • Alan Thomson Sim
  • JustTrains
  • RailTraction
  • Train-Motion
  • TrainSim Germany
  • Union Workshop
  • Ticket to the North
  • Halycon Media

Festival of Rail – Winter Core Update

Earlier this week we released a large set of improvements for Train Sim World 4, which brought a multitude of core changes and fixes, bringing Formation Designer into an open beta for Steam and Epic players, as well as improvements for Blackpool Branches, Maintalbahn, Centro Regional Railway Class 323, and many more! Here’s a list of headliners for the update:
  • Formation Designer (open beta) added for Steam and Epic players
  • Mods created for Add-ons now work in the same way that Core mods do.
  • Improvements to brightness on PIS screens, so they are more readable during day and night
  • Multiple Free Roam fixes for locos that weren’t able to move after spawning
  • Adjustments to Scoring thresholds across many routes to make Platinum medals more in line with expectations
  • Added option to disable Traction Lock icon on Minimal HUD
  • Upgraded GWE HST window to include new TSW4 rain effects, and fixed an issue whereby front wipers wouldn’t clear rain from windows
  • Improvements to Bernina Line fog visuals
  • Various Maintalbahn and BR 642 improvements
If you want to read the latest patch in full detail, head over to our February 8th Update Notes thread.
Thank you for all your feedback so far, and we’ll be providing an update in this the coming Q&A session this week.

Formation Designer PC Beta

We also released the hotly-anticipated Formation Designer PC Beta earlier this week, which gives you the opportunity to create your own consists! We’ll aim to release on console after we’ve reviewed and acted on your initial feedback – for a quick summary of what you need to know about the beta (functionality, known issues list, and roadmap) head to our Formation Designer forums thread
As a general note, you may have noticed a leaning for us to release less frequent, larger, more impactful updates to you all as we’re out of the Train Sim World 4 initial launch window.

Tuesday 13th February – 19:00 UTC - Live Roadmap Q&A

As a reminder, we didn’t have a Roadmap stream this month with the Dovetail Direct taking its place, so we’ll be live Tuesday evening to talk about the new TSW4 announcements above and to answer your questions across any other areas you’ll want to hear more about. Be sure to submit your questions in advance on our Latest Q&A thread.
And that’s it! Quite enough excitement for a Sunday evening, we hope you’ll agree. We’ll catch you live on Tuesday to answer your questions, and we hope you’re as excited for the next few months of content as we are!
Train Sim World 4
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Train Sim World Roadmap: February 2024