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Train Sim World 3 Patch Notes - Save Game & UI Improvements - 12th October

Hello everyone,
We’re coming in fast with the second of several post-release updates, bringing fixes to the recently re-introduced Save Game functionality, and a large range of UI improvements, quality of life changes and fixes. We want to thank you all for keeping your feedback coming, and we will keep improving Train Sim World 3 to be the best it can be with more updates to come.

Save Game:

We are still collecting all your feedback on Save Game, and we have made improvements to various Save and Resume game issues, particularly with AI trains, that were happening on different routes. Please continue to send any reports or problems to us or if you've been experiencing issues and you've now seen these improved with today's patch, let us know on our forums.

Settings and UI:

This update also brings in loads of fixes and new additions to our menus and interfaces. Some key additions based off community requests include liveries on train selection now displaying the original route they come from, and new ‘Go Via’ and ‘Stop At’ objective icons. Oh, and the mouse sensitivity slider will now work!
The experience for controllers has been made smoother as we have added gamepad button prompts for settings in the pause menu, fixed issues when moving around the 2D map and you can now hover over the search bar and filter buttons in route selection menus – when using the ‘A’ or ‘X’ buttons, a virtual keyboard will open.


Loco Addon Bundle
We’ve heard your (s)prayers and upgraded the RHTT water spray effect to be truer to life, wagon buffer physics issues have been resolved and weathering effects will now appear on the windows, including on the windows of the Class 66. Additionally, the BR 182 Dispolok will also correctly substitute on DB Cargo Deutschland.
And it's not just the menus that are getting easier to navigate; The LZB introduction tutorial will be easier to complete as the loco can move again after stopping, and we’ve reduced the F7 Training point requirements for silver and gold medals.
Please see a full changelog of the patch below:

Full Changelog:

Save Game
  • General improvements with Save and Resume game functionality
  • Mouse Sensitivity slider will now function as intended
  • Icons for “Go Via” and “Stop at” objectives
  • Re-added Back button to pause menu – It’s back baby! Literally.
  • Changing measurement units to imperial will now impact all HUD settings
  • Crosshair size settings will now be saved after exiting and reloading the game.
  • Level 5 or higher profiles will be recommended ‘Experienced’ option on profile import
  • Resume Last Played button will now display a suitable image on the home screen for various routes.
UI – Selection Menus
  • When selecting a service, duration times for other services will no longer disappear
  • You can now see how many services you can play when viewing trains.
  • Completing a scenario or tutorial will also mark it as complete in journey mode.
  • Scenarios and Tutorials for uninstalled content will no longer show.
  • When in the Route Selection menu, hovering over a route thumbnail will correctly show the route details.
  • Selecting a livery on the train selector will now show which route that livery comes from.
  • Livery Editor will default to dark mode, the one-true prevailing mode.
UI – Text
  • Text will no longer scroll out of the boundary when starting a route
  • Exit Game button text will no longer flicker
  • Decreased task padding around text on task list rows
UI – Console
  • Added gamepad button prompts for settings in the pause menu
  • Navigation around the 2D map is now corrected on controllers
  • When using a controller, you can now hover over the search bar and filter buttons in route selection menus. A virtual keyboard will open when pressing A/X.
  • On PS4, the ‘RB’ button can now be used to in the pause menu to get the settings menu.
  • On PS4, you will no longer be prompted to save changes when nothing is altered when exiting settings.
  • Drivers’ hair will no longer stick outside of the hat – we've finally fixed this g̶a̶m̶e̶-̶b̶r̶e̶a̶k̶i̶n̶g̶, hat-breaking bug!
Southeastern High Speed
  • Increased station stop times on ‘Highspeed Run’ scenario to give correct sense of operating a late service – better not wait around!
  • AI spawning issue in the 09:35 London to Ashford service
[ RHTT ]
  • Water spray effect has been improved to be truer to life
  • Weather effects will now appear on the windows
  • Fixed issues with wagon buffer physics
[ Class 66 ]
  • Gamepad and/or RailDriver can release Vigilance pedal when driving EWS
  • Weather effects will now appear on the windows
  • EM2000 emissive text will now be clearly visible
[ Training Center Class 66 ]
  • Fixed Coupler animation
  • Cab lights will now give first time use reward
  • AWS sunflower will now correctly work
  • Removed Semi-circular artefacts appearing underneath wagons
Kassel - Wurzburg
  • Train should move again after stopping in the LZB Introduction tutorial
  • Billboard will now display on both sides
  • <NPCs should not clip into each other while sitting on the chairs.
  • Player can no longer walk through the fence at Fulda yard
  • Fixed lighting issues on cars around Kassel station
  • Removed bench from the track between platform 7 and 8 at Fulda station
  • NPC clothes will no longer appear wet on sunny days
[ Dispolok BR 182 ]
  • Will now correctly substitute on DB Cargo Deutschland
[ DB Laaers ]
  • Removed semi-circular artefacts appearing underneath wagons
[ DB Sggmrss ]
  • Removed semi-circular artefacts appearing underneath wagons
[ DB Habbiins ]
  • Changes to physics.
Cajon Pass
  • 2D mini map will now correctly display the start and endpoint markers
  • Billboard will now display on both sides
  • Time displayed to complete ‘F7 Training’ and ‘Switching it Up’ scenarios are now accurate to actual gameplay
  • F7 Training now includes manually using the coupling bar
  • F7 Training requirements for silver and gold medals have been reduced
West Cornwall Local
  • West Cornwall Local route intro can now be completed.
Other Locos
[ BR DB 101 ]
*Changes to physics for BR 101 and Coaches.
Train Sim World 4
Train Sim World 3 Patch Notes - Save Game & UI Improvements - 12th October