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Train Sim World 2 Community Guides And Tutorials

To ensure new, and existing players can get the most immersive and enjoyable experience from Train Sim World 2 we have been working with the community to bring you new and improved guides and tutorials, this should give you all you need to stay on track.
As a part of this project, we have updated the forums to collect video guides, tutorials and written manuals created by the community and Dovetail Games. Everything has been put in one place, so it's nice and easy for you to find.
The new area of the forum also gives veterans of the community the chance to share everything that helped them on getting started in their Train Sim World 2 journey. You can find this new branch of the forum here
This is the first community-driven article, as we receive more amazing content from some very talented members of the community we look forward to bringing you more articles like it!

Community Guides

Here is a selection of some of the amazing guides produced by some of the community. Along with these incredibly insightful videos their channels are often stacked full of interesting and informative content. Make sure you check them out!
Our first guide is by TheNorthernAlex. He’s created a 3 part series where he gradually increases in difficulty. A great start for someone looking to test their skills.
If you are looking for a relaxing guide with some great tips and explanations along the way Blu Games has made some fantastic videos for you to enjoy. He visits the Clinchfield Railroad in this video and talks you through the subtleties of slow-moving American freight trains.
Some of you may be looking to take the next step in your simulation journey, picking up the Rail driver desktop cab controller is certainly top of the list for many of our community. Jimmy Dali gives us a great insight by unboxing and setting up this aspirational controller on his channel.
Jimmy Dali has also covered the basics for budding train drivers in this brilliant getting started video.
To see more guides and tutorials from the community we have added a community playlists to our official Youtube channel.
We understand that many people prefer to learn in a plethora of ways and so do our community, video guides offer so much but sometimes having the details written down can be much easier to digest.
Rudolf Heijink with the help of the wider community has created some of the most detailed written guides we have seen. You can check them out here
Much of the content produced is in a variety of world languages which can help our non-English speaking gamers. Think New Fly New is very popular amongst the German-speaking members of the community for his detailed guides and videos. Here is his guide to Sand Patch Grade, there are many more like this available in a variety of languages
Created your own guide or made a tutorial you'd like to share with players? Head to the forum thread here!

Dovetail Games Offical Guides

Of course, Dovetail Games also produce guides and tutorials for you. Detailed driver and button guides are available for a variety of our locomotives and units. In this guide below we go into detail about how to drive the infamous 1972 Mark 2 London Underground stock.
You can also find many more on our Youtube Playlist- Head there now!
We have put together some detailed written guides for both routes and loco’s find out more here!
Finally, what better place to get advice or tips than from the person who helps create the locomotives you are trying to drive. The Senior producer of Train Sim World 2 has his very own channel where he often covers detailed guides to some of the more complex controls and features. As you can see from these signalling and braking tutorial presentations below he gives an insightful overview.
Join the Railfan TV team on Twitch or YouTube to learn more about how to drive our trains, get an exclusive look at upcoming releases, developer features, take part in challenges and more.
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11 Aug
Train Sim World 2 Community Guides And Tutorials
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