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TSW: The Chopper has Landed!

The BR Class 20 is now available for Train Sim World! Re-live this iconic British locomotive and power your way through the Tees Valley Line
Developed in the 1950s, the English Electric Type 1 was the first major step on British Railways’ path to dieselisation. After many trials and failures, the Type 1 showed promise as a 1000hp locomotive, and between 1957 and 1968 a total of 228 would be produced. The Type 1s took over from steam locomotives of equivalent power, primarily working light, mixed-freight traffic throughout the midlands and in Scotland. Unlike newer locomotives, the Type 1s featured a rather unique single cab design.
Commonly called the “Chopper” by enthusiasts thanks to its unique engine sound, the BR Class 20 comes to Train Sim World in striking Railfreight Livery, synonymous with freight locomotives of that era. Accompanying this will be PGA wagons, adding even more freight traffic to the already busy Tees Valley Line and allowing you to enjoy this industry heavy environment in both single (above) and double headed formations (below).
Visibility when travelling nose first was quickly realised as a concern, so it became common to see pairs of Class 20s coupled at the nose, allowing for greater view of the track ahead and with the added benefit of doubling the horsepower, meaning they could handle heaver trains.
To give you the authentic experience of a BR Class 20 driver and haul the variety of freight traffic seen on the Tees Valley Line during the 1980s, the Class 20 can be used additonally on some existing freight services as well as its own, 3 unique scenarios and a training module are also included.
Thanks to the Type One Locomotive Company we were given access to their beautifully restored BR Class 20 currently residing at the Great Central Railway. This allowed us to accurately capture the locomotives likeness in fine detail, with accurate true to life performance, handling and authentic sound recording.
Despite being some of the oldest diesels around the Class 20s have remained in operational use to this day, and a rather fitting 20 examples have survived into preservation, making them a frequent sight on heritage railways. A veteran in every right, the Class 20 has earned its place among enthusiasts’ hearts; and now Type 1 traction comes to life in Train Sim World.
If you want a break from rigorous freight traffic, the BR Class 20 is also operable on the West Somerset Railway (above), adding to extensive fleet of locos that feature in the route’s diesel gala (below).
The BR Class 20 is ready for departure in Train Sim World, so... Get to the Chopper!
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18 Jun
TSW: The Chopper has Landed!
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