Train Sim World 3

TSW: Switching in the Subdivision!

Experience complex mainline freight, local, transfer and switching operations with Train Sim World: Canadian National Oakville Subdivision which is available now!

Here’s 10 things to try in Train Sim World: Canadian National Oakville Subdivision

I... Climb aboard the GP9RM

Keep busy on freight operations from the cab of the classic Canadian National GP9RM dressed in their timeless striped livery. These iconic locomotives were rebuilt by CN in the 1980s to give them the unique appearance they have today.

II... Experience the GP38-2

Accompanying the veteran GP9RM is the ever-reliable GP38-2 wearing an alternative CN guise and equipped with CN-specific details. Side by side, the two Geeps keep the daily workings of the Canadian National Oakville Subdivision moving, each performing a variety of duties typically in pairs.

III... Handle Car Deliveries

Assemble autorack trains full of brand new cars from the car manufacturing plant in Oakville and take them towards Hamilton ready for export. Careful driving is a must with any such operations, learning to manage your brakes and put trains together in a timely fashion is of utmost importance.

IV... Load the Tanks

At several points throughout the route, you’ll be hauling empty tank cars to loading facilities, then spending time out the cab, climbing on top of the cars and filling them with Ethanol. The correct procedure must be followed in order to correctly and safely fill them, before promptly taking the cars back for onward travel.

V... Switch things up

The expansive Hamilton Yard and industrial zone offers near endless switching opportunities, make and break-up trains, load tank cars and hop aboard any motive power that’s lying around. You can discover the yard at its best in the ‘Hamilton Explorer’ scenario which features no objectives, you can just switch to your heart’s content.

VI... Take to the Mainline

Run heavy freight along the mainline, on both local and transfer duties. The CN Oakville Subdivision route comes with 4 types of rolling stock; 3-Bay Covered Hopper, Bi-Level Autorack Car, DOT-117 Tank Car and 73ft Center Beam Car.

VII... Go on a Journey

Across 2 chapters, uncover all there is to see and do across the CN Oakville Subdivision route. Learn the basics of both the GP9RM and GP38-2 and become familiar with the route as you take on various tasks. The 2 chapters bring together over 45 individual training, scenario and timetabled activities.

VIII... Tag along on trips

Spent hours with throttle levers in-hand and want to take a break? Let the locos do their thing and watch the action unfold from the conductor’s seat, or ride switching manoeuvres from freight car wagons and observe trains being assembled or moved about.

IX... Go beyond the Call of Duty

It takes more than just sitting in the engineer’s seat to run a railroad, there are plenty of jobs that need doing throughout the route; route maps need placing, broken lights need fixing, safety signs need placing and decontamination showers need installing.

X... Take up Railfanning

Step away from the rails completely, find a good vantage point and see what you can spot passing by. With locomotives constantly moving freight across the route, through yards and between industries, there is plenty to enjoy on Canadian National Oakville Subdivision, which is available now for Train Sim World!
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Train Sim World 3
TSW: Switching in the Subdivision!