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Luzern – Sursee: Introducing the SBB RABe 523 EMU

Rivet Games’ S-Bahn Zentralschweiz: Luzern – Sursee is coming soon to Train Sim World 2 and features the SBB RABe 523 EMU. Find out more about this impressive modern unit...
The SBB RABe 523 is an electric multiple unit that belongs to the family of FLIRT trains. The FLIRT train sets are equipped with low floor entrances and air suspension and known for their fast acceleration and high braking power, as well as their low weight.
The abbreviation FLIRT stands for Fast Light Intercity and Regional Train (German: Flinker Leichter Intercity- und Regional-Triebzug). Used for regional and local passenger services, they were originally developed for the Swiss Federal Railways, but due to its success, many other operators around the globe ordered versions too. The first FLIRT was delivered in 2004 for use on the Stadtbahn Zug which is an S-Bahn style network in Zug, Switzerland and part of the S-Bahn Zentralschweiz.
The Swiss versions are usually made up of four-cars, with two cab cars and two middle cars per train. Only the two Jacobs bogies at the both ends of each train are powered. They feature 20 first class seats and 161 second class seats.
The Train Sim World 2 version of the SBB RABe 523 is also equipped with the ETCS (European Train Control System) which features in Train Sim World 2 for the first time. Whilst there are four levels of ETCS, Rivet Games’ SBB RABe 523 is fitted with two, level 0 and level 1 Limited Supervision. When driving in level 0 ETCS is only monitoring the speed limit (and force-slows you down in the event of speeding) and the system will only monitor you if you are travelling over 100kph. Level 1 of this system features the “limited supervision” functionality, as it is used on the Luzern – Sursee route in real life. Level 1 Limited Supervision (L1LS) only provides supervision along the line when needed, meaning that you will have to be fully observant of the track as new information can be given throughout signals, whilst they aren’t available in the cab with ETCS just yet. Rivet Games implementation of ETCS will allow a true-to-life experience on one of Switzerland's busiest routes.

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S-Bahn Zentralschweiz: Luzern – Sursee arrives for Train Sim World 2 on 24th March for Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Epic Games Store, and Steam!
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Luzern – Sursee: Introducing the SBB RABe 523 EMU