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Rush Hour Player Update - 23rd August 2021

Hello folks,
Thanks for your patience over the weekend. We wanted to update you where we are on the current outstanding issues we're seeing crop up in the community, related to players being unable to play the game.
Before we jump in though, we wanted to talk about where we are.
On Thursday we released TSW2 Rush Hour, a new Route, the Rush Hour Season Ticket, a major core update and extensive remastering of all Add-ons to take advantage of the engine upgrade. In some instances on Xbox, and specifically PlayStation 4, this release has not gone as anyone expected. We understand and share your frustrations. We take this situation extremely seriously and know it is not acceptable for an update to cause this scale of problem, no matter how complex the roll-out was.
Working with live titles is complex and even with testing you can never fully replicate the live environment of TSW2. A team has been working around the clock since launch and through the weekend has tested multiple possible fixes - with success in some areas (such as Xbox, details below) but not yet for PlayStation Add-ons visibility, although we've made some progress. We want to personally thank every player who has been working directly with us to help.
We are not there yet. Working alongside Sony our teams in Development, Retail, Community and QA will not stop until this Add-ons visibility issue is resolved and all Add-ons are restored correctly, so you can play as we intended.
We want you to be playing the update, all your Add-ons and the new Boston route, and the community team will keep you as informed as possible for any further updates.
We're sorry this didn't go as any of us wanted, and we're on it until it's all resolved.
Here's an update on the areas we're working on:

PS4 purchased Add-ons not appearing in-game/on the PS Store

We are still working on resolving the issue with Sony - whom we've worked with throughout the set-up of the packages, and many of the team have been working through the weekend trying to source the root of the issue. We've made some progress in identifying this, but we're not there just yet.
We appreciate how frustrating this is, and apologise for the inconvenience this is causing - it's our number one priority to sort.
Whilst our and Sony's Technical teams continue to work this out, if there are any workarounds we find to restore access in even a limited fashion, we'll let you know as soon as we can in a separate article.
We'd like to extend a big thank you to everyone who has been forthcoming in offering help and support to other players in the community, as well as those players who have been continuing to help us diagnose and solve this issue.

Xbox One and Xbox Series S purchased Add-ons not appearing in-game/on the Xbox Stores

We've pushed an update live at around 15:00 BST to fix this issue. Whilst we know a lot of players have successfully completed the workaround steps, we believe this update should now mean that all the Add-ons you've previously owned should be automatically updated without requiring to uninstall or reinstall. There are additional details here
Thank you for your patience, and for those who have shared the workaround to other players.

Crashes on Steam

We saw a few reports of crashes for players on Steam, as well as some instances of terrain overlapping on routes and textures. As we've moved onto the new Unreal Engine 4.26 update, it has meant that a lot of player-installed mods will not work with the new engine, and cause it to crash (some have already been updated to be compatible, but some haven't).
If you have any of these downloaded, we strongly recommend that you revert your engine.ini if you have made any customisations, as these may be the source of these issues. Once this has been reverted, you can re-apply any changes based on that file, if you feel confident to do so. Please check with the author of the mod it is compatable with Unreal Engine 4.26 before installing it. There is more information here.
We've also seen players report crashing after closing the game. This is a separate issue, and something we're investigating.

Steam Localisation

Some menus were not showing the correct translated text in Add-ons. We have identified a fix for this, and it is currently being tested.
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23 Aug
Rush Hour Player Update - 23rd August 2021