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PlayStation 4 Add-on Access: Latest News - 26th August

We have received an update from Sony that they have pushed live the fix for PlayStation 4 owners that will re-enable you to re-download your Add-on collection.
This may take a little while to roll-out depending on where you are in the world, so please don't panic if you don't see a change immediately. There will not be a PlayStation update to accompany this fix.
We know a lot of you will be really keen to try this straight away, but we do recommend waiting until tomorrow morning, so the fix has had a chance to properly roll out.
Please follow these step-by-step instructions on how to re-download your Add-ons:
  • Reboot your PS4
  • Navigate to Train Sim World 2 on the PS4 dashboard
  • Press down on the D-Pad and navigate to PlayStation Store
  • Select 'Your Add-Ons'
  • Select the 'download' icon next to the Add-ons you wish to download (you will need to reinstall any Add-ons which are currently not showing in-game).
  • Once installed, load Train Sim World 2
You will continue to see an error message on launch until you have downloaded all your pre-owned Add-ons.
This will not come with a game update to download, and if you log in, the game will look as it did beforehand until you download your Add-ons from the store.
A couple of Add-ons may still show as not available - this is something we're aware of, and will continue to review. These Add-ons are:
  • DB BR 182 Loco Add-on
  • LIRR M3 EMU Loco Add-on
Thanks once again for your patience and understanding during this time, and to each player who has gone above and beyond to help us with testing, and for bearing with us over the past week whilst we've worked on this complex issue.
Train Sim World
26 Aug
PlayStation 4 Add-on Access: Latest News - 26th August