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Rush Hour Player Update - 25/08

Hello everyone,
Here's the latest update on where we are with restoring access to owned Add-ons.
We know we sound like a broken record at this point, but thank you for being patient this past week. This update has tested us all, and we're really grateful to have such an understanding community. Special thanks to those players who have been helping us out in our investigations, whilst we search for a solution on PS4.

PS4 - Missing Add-ons

In case you missed it, last night's Roadmap stream with Sam and Matt gave a really good insight into the roll-out of the update, and its challenges (from the start to around 13 minutes). This is not to excuse how things have worked out, but hopefully provides a window into its complexity.
In short - we're still working hard with Sony's engineers on a solution, and we're not quite there yet. The team are working around the clock to solve this, and we're in hourly contact with Sony. We've been testing theories both internally and with players, and have - we think - identified the source of the problem.
We're working on a fix, and trying to understand how we can roll that out at scale with Sony's technical team, so please bear with us for updates. We appreciate this is frustrating, and of course we want you to be able to enjoy Train Sim World 2 as we intended it. Thanks for your continued cooporation and understanding whilst we sort this.As soon as we have anything, whether it be workaround, partial fix, or patch, we will let you know.
We will also be postponing tomorrow's stream preview of the Riesa-Dresden route until we have a solution. Thanks for your understanding.

Xbox - Missing Add-ons

We believe the update launched on Xbox on Monday has fixed all outstanding issues with access to Add-ons. If you haven't already downloaded this update, we recommend you do so.

Steam - Crashes and translated text

Whilst not strictly an update, if you are experiencing crashes mid-game, there is some advice hereon removing/updating any mods on your game which may be interfering with our new Unreal Engine 4.26.
We've logged an issue with crashing when exiting the game on Steam. This is a separate issue we are are aware of, and are working on a fix.
Similarly, we have a fix running through testing at the moment to solve issues with menus in some Add-ons not showing the correct translated text. We'll implement this as soon as we can.
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25 Aug
Rush Hour Player Update - 25/08