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Want to play Train Sim World 3 early?
The wait is over, you can now Join the thousands of other people who are enjoying their first exciting experience of Train Sim World 3, by Pre-ordering the Standard or Deluxe Editions now.
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Pre-Order Now!

Take to the tracks this weekend and enjoy Train Sim World 3 as part of the awesome Early Access pre-order weekend. Train Sim World 3 launches on the 6th of September, but you can be taking control of some of the World’s most powerful trains 4 days early! If you haven’t already pre-ordered the Standard or Deluxe Editions, fear not, you don’t have to miss out!
If you pre-order the Standard or Deluxe Editions of Train Sim World 3 at any point between now and the 6th, you can join in the fun.
Below you’ll find the times we expect Early Access to go live on Friday, September 2nd.
We expect launch to follow the same timeframes as below, on Tuesday, September 6th.
Note: these times are subject to change, based on the platform owners activating on their respective platforms. If you need to update it to your time-zone, you can do so here.
PlayStation and Xbox: 09:00 UTC
Epic Games Store: 15:00 UTC
Steam: 17:00 UTC
  • Early Access is available for Standard Edition and Deluxe Edition pre-orders
  • Only players who have purchased Deluxe Edition will receive access to the updated Spirit of Steam for Train Sim World 3 (anyone else receiving the free Spirit of Steam update will do so with release on the 6th September).
  • Standard Edition for Xbox is not available, due to it being on GamePass on launch day.
  • Players can access Early Access during any period between live time on September 2nd, and launch on September 6th, with the purchase of Standard or Deluxe Editions
Find out about Early Access and more here!
If you are an existing Train Sim World player and are looking at making the exciting leap to Train Sim World 3, you can find out more about the Progress transfer here!
We've set up a bespoke forum for you to send us through your feedback over the weekend, as well as some important information around Early Access. Please head here!
Train Sim World 3 Standard Edition and Deluxe Edition are available to pre-order now on Steam, PlayStation, Xbox (Deluxe Only), and Epic Games Store. When you pre-order on your selected store you will have 4-day Early Access to Train Sim World 3 as well as a bonus decal pack to use within the livery editor to share on Creators Club, the home of player customization in Train Sim World. Regional Editions will also be available to purchase on September the 6th.
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Pre-Order Now!

To find out more about the different editions of Train Sim World 3 and more, head to our FAQ here!
Train Sim World 4