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Niddertalbahn: Bad Vilbel – Stockheim, Out Now!

Our next German route Add-on, Train Sim World 3: Niddertalbahn: Bad Vilbel – Stockheim is out now! Head back to the 1990s along a complete German branch line with diesel traction in the form of the DB BR 628.2 and the BR 365 shunter.
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Available now!

First time hearing about Niddertalbahn? Be sure to read further details from our March Roadmap and Announce Articles.
Experience a unique German route – gone are the overhead wires seen throughout the dozen previous German Train Sim World routes and in comes diesel traction, a single-track line and passing loops, ensuring a style of gameplay very different to that of high speed and dense, urban commuter operations.
Set in the early 1990s, Niddertalbahn: Bad Vilbel – Stockheim brings the much requested DB BR 628.2 to Train Sim World in its white and mint livery. The rumble of its diesel power will go through 14 stations on a complete branch line, with most services operating from end-to-end.
Keeping this DMU company are the sugar beet trains hauled by the BR 365 shunter, on duty as a main line freight locomotive on this route. Using ES50 wagons, also new to Train Sim World, this locomotive hauls some of the last sugar beet trains before they ceased on the line just after the start of the 1990s.
Whether you’re into passenger or freight, the style of operation along the Nidder Valley is unique among German Train Sim World content. Punctuality is key to ensure that trains can cross in the passing loops on what is otherwise a single-track line (players of the West Somerset Railway route will know exactly what this is like)!
Services are a mix of end-to-end passenger workings and freight trains that are held in order for them to keep to time, with some passenger services working part of the line in the evening. Players will see a high level of detail throughout a condensed, rural branch line, with plentiful greenery and period stations, named and styled to reflect their condition in 1992.
Players that purchased our last German route, Left-Rhine: Linke Rheinstrecke: Mainz-Koblenz, will see a number of layers across the service timetables of both routes, including:
  • Playable DB BR 628.2 services on Left-Rhine: Linke Rheinstrecke: Mainz-Koblenz
  • AI BR 103 services on Niddertalbahn: Bad Vilbel – Stockheim
  • AI BR 110.3 services on Niddertalbahn: Bad Vilbel – Stockheim
Train Sim World 3: Niddertalbahn: Bad Vilbel – Stockheim route Add-on is available now on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Epic Games Store, and Steam for £29.99/€35.99/$39.99.

Niddertalbahn: YouTube content & Ambassador Stream

Want to learn more about Niddertalbahn? Here are 10 things you might not know about the unit, locomotive and route!
Following their stream last week for Linke Rheinstrecke, one of our favourite German ambassadors (and real-life train driver) Ramagani is back to showcase Niddertalbahn, tonight at 1700 UTC!
Ramagani: Thursday, March 23rd 17:00 UTC

BUNDLES-bahn: German Passenger and Freight Bundles

Players on Steam can add more German routes and locomotives at a discounted rate from Train Sim World: Compatible content with the German Passenger and German Freight Bundles, with even better value available during sales periods!
(These bundles will be available from 1600 UTC, Thursday 23rd March).

German Passenger Bundle:

  • Rapid Transit (S-Bahn S2): Dessau HBF - Markkleeberg-Gaschwitz
  • Hauptstrecke Rhein-Ruhr: Duisburg - Bochum
  • Schnellfahrstrecke Köln - Aachen
  • DB BR 182 Loco Add-on

German Freight Bundle:

  • Rhein-Ruhr Osten: Wuppertal - Hagen
  • Ruhr-Sieg Nord: Hagen - Finnentrop
  • DB BR 155 Loco Add-on
  • DB BR 363 Loco Add-on
The Train Sim World: German Passenger & German Freight Bundles are available exclusively on the Steam Store. They will be available with ‘Complete My Collection’, meaning if you have some of the above listed content already, you can save by getting a bundle offer on the remaining content.
Previous purchase of Train Sim World 3 is required in order to make use of these bundles.
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Train Sim World 4
Niddertalbahn: Bad Vilbel – Stockheim, Out Now!