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Nahverkehr Dresden - Meet the Locos!

Today we introduce the locos that you’ll be driving in Train Sim World 2: Rush Hour - Nahverkehr Dresden!
With a mix of S-Bahn, regional, inter-city and freight traffic you’re going to need some impressive modern-day traction to carry out your duties. Let's find out more about the authentic locomotives you’ll be in control of in Nahverkehr Dresden....

DB BR 442 ‘Talent 2’

The new generation BR 442 ‘Talent 2’ was built by Bombardier and introduced in 2009, the successor to the ‘Talent’ this was put in to service by Deutsche Bahn to replace older EMU types and loco-hauled trains on both S-Bahn and Regio services. A total of 397 units have so far been manufactured, with 325 ordered by Deutsche Bahn.
For the first time in Train Sim World 2, Nahverkehr Dresden features three-car EMU’s. Individual cars are coupled and articulated via shared bogies and have a top speed of 160 km/h (100mph).

DB BR 143

The BR 143 was introduced in 1985 by Deutsche Bahn as a general-purpose locomotive for passenger and freight duties, with an output of 3,720 kW (4,990 horsepower) and top speed of 120 km/h (75mph). It proved to be a highly capable and versatile locomotive well-suited to the abundance of 120km/h lines then in use, and after four years no less than 500 had been produced by LEW Hennigsdorf. A total of 636 examples were produced by the time production came to an end, and most are still in service.

DB BR 146.2

DB BR 146.2 is a modern, speedy, passenger-oriented example of motive power. In the early 2000s Deutsche Bahn placed an order for 47 passenger locomotives, these would follow in the footsteps of previous designs, such as the 185.2, combined with older passenger variants to provide a modern counterpart, known as the DB BR 146.2. Being passenger-focused, the 146.2 features a higher top speed than the 185.2 and is also equipped with destination board equipment as well as push-pull capability, allowing it to be driven from a control car.

DB BR 363 'V 60' Diesel Shunter

By the turn of the 1950s, the Deutsche Bundesbahn was suffering from a shortage of small shunting locomotives, and so a plan was put in place for a fleet to be procured and most of the large loco manufacturers would get involved in development and production of the new type. The first few prototypes were ready by 1955, and this new loco, called the DB V 60, would soon be developed by the dozen with a total of 942 delivered by the time production ceased in 1964. The DB BR 363 ‘V60’ in Nahverkehr Dresden comes decorated in Deutsche Bundesbahn Blue livery.

MRCE BR 185.5

The modular TRAXX locomotives from Bombardier have become one of Europe’s most widespread family of locomotives and includes the BR 185.5! Bombardier’s TRAXX (Transnational Railway Applications with Extreme Flexibility) is a modular product platform of electric and diesel-electric locomotives. The BR 185.5’s had a top speed of 140km/h (87mph) and operated as a general-purpose freight locomotive. More than 300 BR 185.5 locomotives were built and sold to various train operators, including leasing companies, throughout Europe, including Switzerland, France and Germany.
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Nahverkehr Dresden - Meet the Locos!