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Take on modern Scottish traction with the ScotRail Class 385 EMU between Scotland’s two biggest cities, Train Sim World 3: ScotRail Express: Edinburgh - Glasgow – coming January 26th!
New year – new content! Before last year’s festivities, some of you may have seen some of the teases for forthcoming Train Sim World 3 content and many of you were quick to identify the distinctive cab end of ScotRail’s Class 385. This modern electric multiple unit will form the rolling stock for Train Sim World 3’s first release through our Partner Programme – Train Sim World 3: ScotRail Express: Edinburgh - Glasgow, developed by Rivet Games.
For those new to Train Sim World, Rivet Games have worked on previously released Train Sim World Compatible route Add-ons, such as the popular West Cornwall Local and Island Line 2022 routes. Their latest route, set not far from their base in Stirling, is their longest to date, and covers the busy line between Scotland’s two biggest cities, Edinburgh and Glasgow.
Both cities are recreated in detail, making use of that iconic railway vista with the Balmoral Hotel looking gracefully over Edinburgh Waverley Station. Along the line lie a succession of stations familiar to those who regularly use the route – some of which were teased by Rivet Games themselves before Christmas. Linlithgow, Polmont and Falkirk High are just some of the locations separated by impressive viaducts and though Glasgow will be familiar to players of the Cathcart Circle route Add-on, this route sees players arrive at the gloriously renovated Glasgow Queen Street Station, rather than Glasgow Central.

Locomotive / Unit – the Class 385

Moving virtual passengers along this inter-city line is ScotRail’s Class 385, dressed with the saltire and national colour of Scotland. Inside the train are a number of small but important details, such as the inclusion of accessible seat covers in the appropriate locations and the introduction of a working Train Monitoring System! This long-awaited and highly requested feature will see PIS announcements in the game for the first time with the TMS capable of altering the frequency of announcements along with a selection of categories. Such a feature brings an additional layer of roleplay and immersion into this Train Sim World 3 route as well as an extra tool to set up when preparing the train for a selected service. The announcements can also be heard from AI Class 385 services for added immersion when roaming on foot.
On top of this, the working guard panels introduced in the Island Line 2022 route Add-on and the automatic blinds for the first class section of each train also feature on the Class 385.
As for the unit itself these 3- and 4-car overhead electrical units, with a top speed of 100 mph, will operate densely timetabled services between Edinburgh and Glasgow as well as stock moves to and from their depot. Contemporary Scottish traction has long been requested by the community since the release of Cathcart Circle and since being introduced to the Scottish rail network in 2018, the Class 385 has played an important part in keeping Scotland’s rail services modern, clean, spacious and better for the environment. Those wishing to make use of the Class 385 on Cathcart Circle can do so using Scenario Planner.


Edinburgh – Glasgow also brings some unique and first-time features to the environment of a Train Sim World 3 route. AI-controlled trams run through the Edinburgh suburbs and Edinburgh Castle looms over the line as trains leave for Glasgow. Scenery is characterised by the abundant greenery around each of the eight intermediate stations, along with cuttings bordered by steep rock faces, particularly noticeable when leaving Edinburgh Waverley. The route will also take advantage of all the weather and lighting updates for Train Sim World 3 so that services can be run in the various seasonal conditions experienced across what will be the northernmost route in Train Sim World!
As with all Train Sim World routes there will also be a load of collectibles to find, including the locally relevant haggis plushies and bagpipe-themed suitcases. A number of hidden interiors to some station buildings are also accessible and the classic ScotRail planters seen in Cathcart Circle return as static scenery objects.
Train Sim World 3: ScotRail Express: Edinburgh - Glasgow arrives for Train Sim World 3 on January 26th for Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Epic Games Store, and Steam! It will be available for £29.99/$39.99/€35.99
Estimated download size for PS4 / PS5 = 4GB
Join the Railfan TV team on Twitch, YouTube, or Facebook this Tuesday 24th January, at 19:00 UTC (20:00 CET) to catch your first proper glimpse of ScotRail Express: Edinburgh - Glasgow and the Class 385. If you'd like to ask us anything about the route and rolling stock, please head to our dedicated Q&A thread link, in which we'll gather as many as we can to answer in the live stream, along with a member of the Rivet Games team.
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