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Luzern - Sursee – First Screens!

Rivet Games’ latest route, S-Bahn Zentralschweiz: Luzern - Sursee, is coming to Train Sim World 2!
Get ready to sit in the cab and take charge of the SBB RABe 523 electrical multiple unit, ferrying passengers on S-Bahn and RegioExpress services operating between Luzern and Sursee. S-Bahn Zentralschweiz: Luzern - Sursee will also include ETCS (European Train Control System), which will be the first time it has featured in a route for Train Sim World 2. Take a look at the first screenshots for Rivet Games’ upcoming route...
Setting off from Sursee in the brisk early hours of the day, a pair of 4-car SBB RABe 523 EMUs must couple up before starting their RegioExpress service to Luzern. You can look forward to more details on S-Bahn Zentralschweiz: Luzern - Sursee soon.
The SBB RABe 523 EMU heads south towards Oberkirch after leaving Sursee. S-Bahn Zentralschweiz: Luzern - Sursee will feature S-Bahn and RegioExpress services each providing their own unique gameplay.
For the first time in Train Sim World 2, S-Bahn Zentralschweiz: Luzern - Sursee will include the European Train Control System (ETCS), an advanced system used to replace out of date safety systems across Europe.
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8 Feb
Luzern - Sursee – First Screens!