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Loco Add-On Bundle Out Now!

The brand-new Loco Add-On Bundle is out now for Train Sim World 3. Add some unique rolling stock to your collection and explore all three of Train Sim World 3’s beautiful routes and master even more machines in an exciting new way!
The Loco Add-On Bundle is out now for Train Sim World 3, it features brand new and engaging scenarios, unique rolling stock, and historic locomotives and liveries for you to enjoy. For just £11.99/€ 13.99/$13.99, you can explore Southeastern High speed, Cajon Pass, and Schnellfahrstrecke Kassel- Würzburg in an entirely different way.
The Dispolok BR 182, Rail Head Treatment Train, and Santa Fe F7 Add-Ons can also be purchased separately, the perfect addition if you picked up the German, UK, or USA Regional Editions of Train Sim World 3.
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The charging Taurus!

Dispolok delivering duties await you on Schnellfahrstrecke Kassel-Würzburg – climb aboard the sleek and stylish EuroSprinter dressed in iconic yellow accents, ready for service on nightly fast freight trains with the Dispolok BR 182! 3 new Scenarios and 8 additional Timetable Services are included for Schnellfahrstrecke Kassel – Würzburg, bolstering the route's busy night freight services and giving you the chance to enjoy a popular freight locomotive seen across Germany around the turn of the century.
Fast freight requires effective brakes so we have overhauled the physics and Dynamic Brakes on the BR 182. Through the function screen, you are able to increase the Dynamic Brakes power with an electronic booster, activate this and your brakes limit goes up from 150 KN to over 200 KN, giving you much stronger braking power. If you want to get the hang of the BR 182 before heading out onto the tracks you will be pleased to hear that it has a comprehensive training module in the training center. We have also included the Habbiins Wagons in Weathered DB Railion livery, giving your consists and services more variety.

The wrong type of leaves on the line? Not on our watch!

The Water tanks are full, 2 locomotives are raring to go, it’s Autumn and the tracks need a good blasting - power wash your way to success with the Rail Head Treatment Train! Take control of this unique and specialist train that is seen across Britain during the Autumn months. Highspeed services and busy commuter trains are only possible if the line is clear, as the weather sets in leaves and debris gradually build up on and around tracks up and down the UK.
From the cab of your modified heavily weathered BR Class 66 Diesel locomotives in EWS livery, your job is to drive the Rail Head Treatment Train across Southeastern Highspeed, clearing the path and helping other trains gain much-needed adhesion. With 3 new Scenarios, 16 additional Timetable Services and 20 AI services for Southeastern Highspeed, there are plenty of ways for you to simulate this vital task.
Rail Head Treatment Trains prototypically appear in a variety of configurations depending on the task at hand, so we have included the following Weathered KFA RHTT wagons:
  • Dual Tank with Generator
  • Dual Tank with Pump
  • Single Tank
  • Triple Tank
Giving you the freedom to simulate these unconventional trains in a variety of ways!
To fully immerse you in the task of driving the Rail Head Treatment Train we have included functioning in-cab switches to control the RHTT equipment, and high-pressure water spraying animation visuals to add to the realism. In much the same way as the BR 182, the Rail Head Treatment Train also has full compatibility with the Training Center and a detailed tutorial.

Going to war in style!

Warbonnet beauty! An American legend with perhaps the most famous face in railroading history, reminisce in the stainless-steel days and take on the challenge of mastering steep grades aboard the Santa Fe F7!
Put on your engineer’s hat and Conquer the Californian hills at the helm of a true legend! The F7 is a railroading veteran and loved by Railfans across the world, and the livery many Railfans think of first is the striking Santa Fe colours of the late 1940s and early 1950s. So, it was unquestionable this would be our livery of choice to include as part of the Loco Add-On Bundle. Once you’ve mastered this beastly-looking heritage locomotive in the training center, you are free to enjoy 3 new Scenarios and 18 additional Timetable Services for Cajon Pass.
Also included as a brand new feature for the F7 is the MARS light, this unconventional headlight bobs in a figure of eight pattern, projecting light not only across the track ahead but also to the sides of the locomotive, illuminating the locos presence to passers-by and making it stand out. This is something that in more modern times has been replaced with locomotive ditch lights, so offers a new experience and the potential for some unique Railfan shots.
For those players who have played and enjoyed the New Journeys Add-On for Train Sim World 2, you will be pleased to hear that it will also be available for you to enjoy in Train Sim World 3 shortly. We are working on some final tweaks to give you a great experience, and you can expect an update on this shortly.
NOTE: Train Sim World 3: Loco Add-on Bundle and the individual RHTT, Santa Fe F7 and BR 182 Dispolok add-ons all require the Train Sim World 3 base game in order to play.
The Railfan TV team gave you your first glimpse of the Loco Add-On Bundle last Thursday, if you missed it, check it out on our official Twitch and YouTube channels.
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Written by Chris Payne
Train Sim World 4
Loco Add-On Bundle Out Now!