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Gliding across the beautiful Sussex countryside, the BR Class 313 EMU is coming to Train Sim World 2 East Coastway on the 28th of October. We take a closer look at this untiring and enduring Southern unit!
In May 2010 the BR Class 313 EMU took to the tracks for the first time on services with its latest operator, Southern. Cherished by many railfans, Nineteen of the Sixty-four of this aging unit were sent to Wabtec Doncaster to be refurbished. Having undergone additional work at the Wolverton railway works in the same year, they were fully refurbished, had their previously installed pantograph removed, and sporting a new Southern livery, ready for their redeployment on Coastway services out of Brighton. A new look and branding that featured images of local landmarks and destinations integrated this veteran unit into its new home in the county of Sussex. A further unit was also repurposed as a Network Rail test vehicle for European Rail Traffic Management System (ERTMS) and used throughout the network, it currently resides at Eastleigh Works.
Although significantly faster than its Great Northern BR Class 313 counterparts while operating on third rail, the Southern BR Class 313 EMU is still only able to achieve a fairly conservative top speed of 75 mph (121 km/h). Compared to the 100 mph (161 km/h) top speed of BR Class 377 EMU that previously served the Coastway routes, it was considered ponderous. Southern made this decision as the increased speed and capacity of the BR Class 377 could be put to better use on the Brighton Main Line, and the slower local services could still be provided efficiently by the dependable BR Class 313 EMU.
The units can be serviced locally for the vast majority of their maintenance needs, but are seen making their way further afield for wheel turning or more complex repairs. BR Class 313 EMU can regularly be seen as far up the line as Selhurst Depot. This consistent stock movement has been represented by adding 12 playable and AI additional layers to the Rush Hour- London Commuter Add-On, this is available for PC and 9th generation console players.
You can take your very first look at the BR Class 313 EMU this Friday (22nd October) on Railfan TV - Join Matt and Sam on Twitch and YouTube at Midday PDT / 8 PM BST / 9 PM CEST.
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