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Happening Hamburg

Hauptstrecke Hamburg - Lübeck arrives 13th May! Experience regional passenger and heavy freight duties in North Germany.
Plans to directly link Hamburg and Lübeck by rail date back to the 1830s, as part of an effort to improve journey times along the cross-border route into Denmark. It would take a further 3 decades until the line actually opened, but once rails were laid, the line quickly became the busiest and most important in Schleswig-Holstein. Today, Deutsche Bahn run regular passenger services along the line, taking commuters and travellers to and from Europe’s 2nd busiest station.
It’s your job to take charge of the services across this route; embark commuters onto Regional and Regional Express services, and keep the industrial scene thriving by operating key freight traffic.
Take control of the classic DB BR 112, either from the locomotive itself or from afar in the cab car, on stopping and semi-fast services between Hamburg and Lübeck. Alternatively, climb aboard the instantly recognisable ES 64 U2 adorning the sleek MRCE Black scheme, and haul a variety of freight trains.
Train Sim World 2: Hauptstrecke Hamburg - Lübeck arrives 13th May on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Steam. Join Matt and Nat on Railfan TV tonight as they take a closer look at what’s to come. Watch live on Twitch or YouTube at 8PM UTC.
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Train Sim World
6 May
Happening Hamburg
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