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TSW: Get to the Chopper!

Prepare to take the controls of a true icon of British traction, as the BR Class 20, or as its more affectionately known the "Chopper” is coming soon to Train Sim World and will be powering its way through the Tees Valley Line!
Developed in the 1950s, the English Electric Type 1 was the first major step on British Railways’ path to dieselisation. After many trials and failures, the Type 1 showed promise as a 1000hp locomotive, and between 1957 and 1968 a total of 228 would be produced. The Type 1s took over from steam locomotives of equivalent power, primarily working light, mixed-freight traffic throughout the midlands and in Scotland. Unlike newer locomotives, the Type 1s featured a rather unique single cab design.
The cab, situated at the rear of the locomotive, has controls facing in either direction and gives the locos a tank engine-like appearance, with the diesel engine and on-board equipment sat much like how a firebox and boiler would, in front of the cab. Another steam-like feature was the headcode discs adorning each end of the loco, the first 127 Type 1s were built as such.
Visibility when travelling nose first was quickly realised as a concern, so it became common to see pairs of Type 1s coupled at the nose, allowing for greater view of the track ahead and with the added benefit of doubling the horsepower, meaning they could handle heaver trains.
With the introduction of the TOPS classification system, the EE Type 1s were rebranded as BR Class 20s, although they are known by many as “Choppers” owing to their engines sounding like helicopters when under load.
Despite being some of the oldest diesels around the Class 20s have remained in operational use to this day, and a rather fitting 20 examples have survived into preservation, making them a frequent sight on heritage railways. A veteran in every right, the Class 20 has earned its place among enthusiasts’ hearts; and soon Type 1 traction will come to life in Train Sim World, ready for hard-working duty on the Tees Valley Line!
The BR Class 20 “Chopper” (above) was the workhorse of British freight and have worked the length and breadth of the network. Sporting the striking Railfreight livery, the BR Class 20 will cover a broad variety of freight services on the Tees Valley Line, with the opportunity to drive from either side of the unique cab (below).
Adding additional freight services to the already busy Tees Valley Line, the BR Class 20 will be accompanied by PGA Wagons. You will haul trains full of Limestone, which industries use as a foundation pack for buildings and drainage applications.
To negate a quickly identified design flaw of limited visibility, you will take control of pairs of BR Class 20s working nose-to-nose. In addition to the better view of the road ahead, the paired locos offer a noticeable increase in power. Handy for trains loaded with Redcar’s famous steel.
The BR Class 20 is coming to Train Sim World for Tees Valley duties on June 18th!
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TSW: Get to the Chopper!