Train Sim World 4

From Sea To Shining Sea

Travel coast to coast in the US with an introduction to US railroad adventures in Train Sim World.
Train Sim World includes a variety of American routes and locomotives allowing you to become an engineer on popular railroads from around the country at the controls of some true icons of the railroads. With 20 US add-ons available (and more to come!), it can be tough to know where to start. If you’re playing for the first time, or simply looking for a new experience, the simulation has something for all. Control commuters services, run freight up steep mountain grades and support local lineside industry. Read on for our recommendations of where to start as we travel coast-to-coast this July Fourth week!

New England – Northeast Corridor

Start out on the East coast in New England with Northeast Corridor: Boston – Providence. This is one of the oldest and fastest railroads in America linking the state capitals of Massachusetts and Rhode Island to nearby suburbia and sprawling countryside. Take control of the modern Amtrak ACS-64 and the striking MBTA F40PH-3C as you run commuter operations on this busy route. Once you’ve mastered the line you can also add the iconic Amtrak’s Acela® for this route to race along the Northeast Corridor in style.
Leaving the coast head inland for some heavy freight action with Sand Patch Grade. The first route released for Train Sim World this is a classic in many ways. Experience the challenge of hauling heavy CSX freight through the tight and winding Allegheny mountains. Navigate the vast Cumberland Yard on complex switching duties, and do battle with nail-biting grades. The route includes freight giants like the CSX AC4400CW with the power to take on mountain work. If you want to add more gameplay to the route you can also pick up the versatile and powerful C40-8W.
Continue across America to the Rocky Mountains and enjoy a legend of railroad history. Sherman Hill features all the grandeur of big-time, modern American freight railroading. With bustling and constant action, tough grades, powerful diesels, majestic western scenery, and extraordinary history. Climb aboard Union Pacific’s modern and potent 4,300-horsepower Electro-Motive SD70ACe and veteran 3,000-horsepower EMD SD40-2 for yard and freight work. If you’re enjoying this route and want to add more, pick up the Union Pacific Heritage Livery Collection which includes six fallen flag liveries for the SD70ACe.
Heading West arrive at Barstow ready for local yard and switching work with Cajon Pass. Experience the challenge of hauling a nation’s freight industry on the back of your 4000-horsepower shoulders. Tackle stunning mountain ranges and blinding deserts as you tote tonnage through the winding curves of California. This route features the BNSF ES44C4, a state-of-the-art diesel electric locomotive capable of incredible tractive effort that makes easy work of heavy loads. Add more to this route with the iconic Santa Fe F7 in Warbonnet livery.
Arriving at the West Coast and your final destination for this tour, experience California Dreamin’ railroading-style with the contemporary and dynamic Peninsula Corridor. Stretching south from San Francisco this route is home to one of America’s most modern and captivating commuter railroads – Caltrain. Serve stations between ‘the city by the bay’ and trendy San Jose aboard the F40PH-2CAT as you transport thousands of commuters each day. Enjoying this route? Caltrain’s modern and sleek MP36PH-3C ‘Baby Bullet’ is an essential addition, adding more scenarios and services.
Head to the forums and let us know what your favourite American add-ons are for Train Sim World.
Train Sim World 4
3 Jul
From Sea To Shining Sea