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Festive Holiday Event 2023 Overview

December has begun, and we want to welcome you all to our Festive Holiday Event for 2023!
In this article, we will talk more about what we have going on through the month, and how you can get involved both in-game on Train Sim World, and with our community!
As a summary of what we have going on:
  • “12 Days of Trains-mas” Screenshot Competition
  • Mastery Challenges + New Community Decals
  • Community Challenges + Upcoming 2024 Route Teasers
  • Festive Fun Community Stream
  • Special Holiday Giveaway
  • Train Sim World Tracked 2023

“12 Days of Train-mas” Screenshot Competition!

As our big festive event for this year, we’ll be returning to our familiar “12 days of…” style, but as with the suspension you might find on the Pacer, we'll be shaking it up a little bit!
We’re hosting a daily Train Sim World screenshot competition, called “12 Days of Trains-mas”, where winners will be included in a special TSW4 loading screen collage, and be rewarded with either TSW4 Deluxe edition, or a TSW Add-on key of their choice! This will start from today, Friday December 1st, and run until Tuesday December 12th.
If you want a full breakdown of the details, please read our “12 Days of Trains-mas" Breakdown announcement on our TSW forums.
Our first theme is also now open! Check it out on our social media, and enter our screenshots on our 12DoT Day 1 Forum thread!

Train Sim World 4 Community Challenge Blast!

Who’s ready for a challenge?
Last year, we revealed a set of upcoming route teasers to celebrate the year ending, and we’ll be doing the same this time around, but in the true spirit of the festive season (we think), you're going to have to earn them first!
We have a set of three challenges, open during a 1-week period, starting Monday, December 4th and ending Monday, December 11th. If the collective community is able to beat these challenge goals during this period, we will be sharing upcoming 2024 route teasers for each one completed!
  1. "Reindeer Run!" Drive a total of 3,600,000km (or 2,250,000 Miles).
  2. "Present Delivery!" Complete a total of 36,000 Timetable services.
  3. "A Sleigh-load of Scenarios!" Complete a total of 36,000 Scenarios.
Regardless of whether you complete the goals on Day 5, or 1-minute before the deadline, the teasers will be shown on Tuesday, December 12th - as part of December's Roadmap article.
Oh, and while we mention it, it's worth noting that next month's Roadmap article and stream will be on December 12th, taking us into the festive period with a bang! The goals will be inclusive to all routes, and an effort for the combined TSW community. Here’s what you can expect, starting next week. Good luck!

Train Sim World 4 Mastery Challenges

In addition to the Community challenges, we’ve also a new Mastery challenge, which will be going live later in the month from Monday, December 18th onwards, and extending all the way until Monday, January 22nd.
These challenges will bring a new set of decals as the rewards, and this year we’ve taken suggestions directly from you and created a set of unique decals for you to unlock!
We won’t be revealing all of the decals just yet, so enjoy the surprise as you complete the Mastery challenges.

Festive Fun Community Stream

If you’ve seen it mentioned, on Thursday, December 14th, we’re hosting a fun Community stream to celebrate our final livestream for 2023. You can expect Festive TSW Gameplay, a return of the TSW Quiz with our team members, additionally the winners will be revealed for the “12 Days of Trains-mas” screenshot competition and the announcement of our Grand Prize 2023 giveaway! Certainly not a moment to miss if you want to get involved and enjoy the season with us.
In addition to this Festive stream, we’ll also be showcasing a fun unique 4-UP relay-race challenge from our community team before we sign off for the year! Expect this to come on Thursday, December 21st, with more information on our RFTV schedule to come.

TSW Tracked 2023

Who loves a good bit of data? Well, I know we do! This year we’re bringing back TSW Tracked for 2023, sharing the Communities’ most played routes, Distance driven, Collectibles collected and much more!
If you want a quick refresher on the stats from last year, find them all below:
Join us on December 19th where we will share the stats looking back over 2023!


So, to wrap-up this article (and later the gifts I’ve had stuffed under my desk) we want to encourage you all to get involved with our challenges and with the wider community, we love seeing all of your screenshot submissions and we’re excited to see you all live for our December Roadmap and Festive Fun streams later in the month.
Have a great holiday season everyone!
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Festive Holiday Event 2023 Overview