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The unmistakable sounds of an approaching train are getting louder, but which one? We take a look at the magnificent Electric Multiple Units featuring in Rush Hour: London Commuter, coming soon to Train Sim World 2!
With the upcoming Train Sim World 2 Rush Hour: London Commuter route, you’ll take control of two well-known “Electrostar” family units, British Rail Class 377/4 EMU in Southern livery, and the British Rail Class 387 EMU in Govia's striking Gatwick Express livery. In addition to this, you will have a plethora of optional layers and AI services, that a variety of other Add-Ons offer. Your job will be to safely and efficiently drive these powerful units across the busy Brighton Main Line, staying on time between London Victoria and Brighton during the hectic Rush hour.
Let’s take a closer look at both of these distinctive Electrostar units, and get a better understanding of their unique features:

Southern BR Class 377/4 EMU

Following a successful bid in 2003 Govia was awarded an initial franchise for the line from 2003 to 2009, and then subsequent franchises to this day, in 2004 they chose to rebrand the previous South Central name and livery. Taking inspiration from the lines pre-grouping past Govia created a respectful tribute in both name and design. Retaining a distinctive eye-catching livery featuring green, which is synonymous with railways in the South of England, and the name Southern, a polite nod to the illustrious Southern Railway that served the route and those around it between 1923 to 1947.
The BR Class 377 EMU and each of its subclasses were built by Bombardier Transportation at its Derby Litchurch Lane Works from 2001 to 2014, and the 4 car BR Class 377/4 EMU featured in Rush Hour: London Commuter were built throughout 2004 and 2005. A total of 75 BR Class 377/4 EMU’s were produced, making it the most numerous subclass of the BR Class 377 EMU to appear across the network. Services in Rush Hour: London Commuter feature 4,8 and 12 car train’s, depending on the service.
Designed to replace the dated Slam-door stock that was undeniably at the end of its working life, the BR Class 377 EMU featured a variety of modern features (for its time), all variants including the 377/4 have the capacity to receive 750 V DC from the 3rd rail, with some of its subclass cousins having the additional option of pantographs and drawing 25 kV AC from overhead lines. This variety in subclasses meant that those like the 377/4 which didn’t have pantographs are left with a clear void in the roof where pantographs could be fitted, this leaves the freedom for future conversions if required.
Passenger and driver comforts were also fitted to these modern units, air conditioning, external cameras, onboard toilets, and spacious areas for prams and wheelchairs were included across all subclasses, and were popular amongst passengers and staff. However, they weren’t without their challenges. Major upgrades were required of the dated Southern region 750 V DC third-rail power supply to facilitate the introduction of this unit, this was due to the substantially higher power consumption of each of the fully air-conditioned units.

Gatwick Express BR Class 387/2 EMU

Much like their older Electrostar cousins, the BR Class 387/2 EMU was built at Derby Litchurch Lane Works. The first of this vivid 4 car unit entered service in early 2016, a total of 27 were ordered to replace the BR Class 442 on Gatwick Express services. The brilliant red chosen by Govia for the Gatwick Express livery is by far one of the most striking liveries to grace British railway networks, bringing a dose of colour to the often muted background of the London skyline.
The Gatwick Express services are non-stop express from London Victoria to Gatwick Airport and also continue to Brighton stopping at only a handful of major stations compared to that of their Southern counterparts. With a top speed of 110 mph (177 km/h) and the freedom to combine multiple 4 car units into 8 and 12 car trains the BR Class 387/2 EMU is the perfect unit for fast, regular services with plenty of space for commuters. Although built with dual-voltage capability the BR Class 387/2 EMU’s receive 750 V DC from the 3rd rail whilst running on the Brighton Mainline.
This new generation of Electrostar units includes modern features such as onboard WIFI, air conditioning, and the latest automated passenger information boards in several languages, perfect for those visiting from across the world and arriving at Gatwick Airport.
The highly detailed and fully licensed Southern BR Class 377/4 EMU, and Gatwick Express BR Class 387 EMU feature in this exciting upcoming Rush Hour: London Commuter, giving you the choice of busy local passenger, and fast-paced express commuter services, and everything in between.
UPDATE: As we draw closer to the release of Rush Hour- London Commuter find out more about the services and layers you can look forward to on the busy Brighton Main Line. We aim to include an incredible 1,059 services for the BR Class 377 EMU, and 178 services for the BR Class 387 EMU across all platforms. Additional playable services for the BR Class 66, Southeastern BR Class 375 EMU, and Great Western Railway BR Class 166 DMU will also be available on Playstation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC versions of Rush Hour- London Commuter, taking those versions services to approximately 1,400 services.
These additional playable locos and units also add AI traffic to the route, along with the inclusion of AI traffic from Great Western Railway BR Class 43 (HST), Southeastern BR Class 465/9 EMU, and a BR Class 09 at Lovers Walk. In total, Playstation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC versions have in excess of 4,000 drivable and AI non-drivable services. This busy 24-hour timetable truly immerses the player in the Rush Hour experience and gives a more realistic simulation of what it’s like to drive trains during such a hectic period.
To experience these additional layers and services the following Add-Ons are available now!
BR Class 166 DMU, BR Class 66, and Great Western Railway BR Class 43 (HST) are all part of the Great Western Express Add-On available now on Steam Store, PlayStation (Europe), PlayStation (US), and Xbox
Southeastern BR Class 375 EMU is part of the Southeastern High-Speed Add-On available now on Steam Store, Epic Games Store, PlayStation (Europe), PlayStation (US), and Xbox
Southeastern BR 465/9 EMU is available as a separate Add-On and is compatible with Southeastern High-Speed available now on Steam Store, Epic Games Store, PlayStation (Europe), PlayStation (US), and Xbox
BR Class 09 is part of the West Somerset Railway Add-On available now on Steam Store, PlayStation (Europe), PlayStation (US), and Xbox
Rush Hour: London Commuter is coming soon to Train Sim World 2 on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Epic Games Store, and Steam! It will be available to purchase separately at launch or get it as part of the Rush Hour Season Ticket alongside Boston Sprinter and Nahverkehr Dresden (both out now).
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