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Train Sim World 4 – UK Record-breakers & Free Roam!

Train Sim World 4 is coming September 26th and with it, the ability to do more with your trains, your way! If you’re into UK rail tours, high-speed record breaking and the nostalgia of steam locomotives, then this article is for you as we delve into the details of Flying Scotsman, LNER’s Azuma, the East Coast Main Line and the brand-new Free Roam feature!
And remember... Early Access begins tomorrow if you've pre-ordered Train Sim World 4: Deluxe or Special Editions. We've created a handy Forum Thread that covers everything you need to know about playing for the first time tomorrow.

East Coast Main Line

An important artery of the British rail network appears in Train Sim World 4 in the form of a stretch of the East Coast Main Line. Much-requested by players and railfans over the years, this high-speed line has history, but continues to be a crucial part of today’s contemporary railway with fast, modern rolling stock to suit.

The Route: Peterborough – Doncaster

The stretch of this line between the cities of Peterborough and Doncaster brings a variety of services and high-speed running as well as the longest end-to-end UK route to date! Along the way, the historic Stoke Bank marks the location where the world speed record for a steam locomotive was broken in July of 1938 - 126 miles per hour (203 km/h) by the famous Mallard locomotive. Eagle-eyed railfans may see the commemorative sign flash by both in-game and in real life.
As if one record wasn’t enough, it was also through this part of Lincolnshire that world-famous locomotive Flying Scotsman broke the 100mph barrier on 30 November 1934. You can read further about Flying Scotsman’s inclusion in Train Sim World 4 further down the article.
Doncaster was where Flying Scotsman was built 100 years ago along with other iconic locomotive classes such as streamlined Gresley Pacifics and diesel electric Class 56s. As well as an extensive railway history, the city today hosts DB Cargo UK’s headquarters.
Peterborough’s place on the East Coast Main Line came as a result of circumstance when Lord Exeter refused to allow the line to be built through nearby Stamford. The city grew as a result, industrialising much in the way other locations did once the railway had arrived on its doorstep.
Three intermediate stations are spread between the route’s end points facilitating high speed across most of the route. These are:
  • Grantham: The home of England’s oldest biscuit recipe, Grantham Gingerbread. First made by accident in 1740.
  • Newark Northgate: serving Newark-on-Trent in Nottinghamshire. Nearby is Newark Flat Crossing, the sole remaining standard gauge flat crossing on the British railway network.
  • Retford: Where the ECML crosses the Sheffield to Lincoln Line. Retford is one of England’s oldest market towns and the ornate station building is Grade II listed.
History aside, this part of the ECML offers up a true ‘racetrack’ section where LNER’s Azuma can really stretch its legs. With four parallel lines, a variety of in-game services can interact with one another, particularly for players with plentiful UK content.

The Units / Locomotives

LNER Class 801 Azuma

LNER is one of four new operators to arrive to Train Sim World 4 along with Metrolink, ÖBB and Railpool. Its addition brings the historic ‘Big Four’, albeit some in their contemporary guises, to the game with Southern, GWR and LMS featuring in previous TSW Compatible releases.
The Class 801 Azuma was introduced in 2019 replacing previous InterCity trains on the East Coast Main Line. Unlike the bi-mode Class 800 variant, used by both LNER and other operators, which can interchangeably use electric and diesel power, the Class 801 uses OHLE (Overhead Line Equipment) for power when in service and is considered an EMU (Electric Multiple Unit). A small diesel engine, which we’ve incorporated in-game, exists only for emergency use and depot moves.
Both 801/1 and 801/2 variants of the Azuma are included in-game, the former being a 5-car train and the latter being 9-cars long. Both operate along this stretch of the ECML upwards of 125mph providing a thrilling high-speed run through Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire countryside.

EWS Class 66 & FKA Container Flat

Included with East Coast Main Line is the weathered EWS variant of the ubiquitous Class 66, as seen in the RHTT Loco Add-on, but without the in-cab RHTT control equipment. With both slow and fast lines existing along this part of the ECML, freight services are often seen giving way to faster passenger traffic in passing loops and this is replicated in the service timetable with a number of playable freight operations.
As with most parts of the British railway network, the Class 66 is a common sight here hauling a variety of freight. In Train Sim World 4, the services feature the FKA Container Flat seen previously in Great Western Express hosting a colourful array of containers.
The EWS Class 66 and FKA Container Flats come included with East Coast Main Line without the need to own any previous Train Sim World routes.

LNER Class A3 60103 ‘Flying Scotsman’

(Deluxe / Special Edition only)

Screenshot taken by James Lewis in Train Sim World 4’s brand-new Photo Mode!
In Train Sim World 4: Deluxe Edition, players can experience the thrill of operating the world’s most famous locomotive Flying Scotsman during its landmark centenary year. Represented in preservation condition, this National Railway Museum locomotive runs rail tour passenger services along the length of the route with Doncaster being the place at which it was first built back in 1923.
In-game the cab and exterior are faithfully recreated with the relevant safety systems, markings, signage and gauges need for extensive main line running. The Mk1 Support Coach, required for crew and accessed through the corridor tender, is also featured along with a rake of Mk2 coaches typical of those pulled during the countless rail tours it undertakes.
The story of Flying Scotsman is both dramatic and extensive with tours taking place in both the USA and Australia as well as most of the UK rail network, including plenty of routes available as Add-ons in Train Sim World. Though some of the new and improved Scenario Planner features are specific to Train Sim World 4 routes, others like custom start times, weather selection and introductory text can help take Flying Scotsman elsewhere in the UK along other routes in your collection such as Great Western Express, Birmingham Cross-City and West Somerset Railway.

Services and other features

The timetable for East Coast Main Line follows the current real-life Working Timetables and so included is the following. Specific details at different times of day may vary.
  • Hourly London-Edinburgh services in each direction, calling at Newark Northgate and hourly London-Leeds services in each direction, non-stop between Peterborough and Doncaster.
  • Hourly London-Leeds service in each direction, non-stop between Grantham and Doncaster.
  • Two-hourly London-Newark Northgate services in each direction, calling at Grantham (and terminating short at Newark instead of going to Lincoln).
  • Two-hourly London-York service in each direction, calling at all stations between Peterborough and Doncaster.
  • Two-hourly London-Harrogate service in each direction, non-stop between Grantham and Doncaster.
  • 4 daily London-Bradford services between Grantham and Doncaster, calling at Retford.
  • Two-hourly London-Hull services in each direction between Grantham and Doncaster, calling at Retford (covering for Hull Trains services).
  • Handful of ECS moves out of Doncaster Hitachi Depot.
  • Additionally, the services between London and Scotland which run non-stop, as well as Lumo and Grand Central paths, are included as AI only, so they can be seen throughout the route, passing through Peterborough and Doncaster non-stop.
All the above uses 5, 9 and 10-car formations as appropriate.
In addition, the Class 66 freight services involve the following:
  • 4XXX headcode container freight services, generally running full length services between Peterborough and Doncaster (including from yards such as Down Decoy).
  • As with most freight, the origin and destination reach far beyond the represented route, but the names of the services include realistic origins and destinations (such as Tees Dock, Felixstowe etc.)
  • Most services are split into parts where longer waits in passing loops are necessary, and runs outside of the busier passenger times.
  • A fair number of services can also be seen as AI only where freight takes alternative routes between Peterborough and Doncaster, as the mainline is too busy at times to support additional traffic.
More freight services (6XXX headcodes) are available (AI and playable) using the JNAs and MFAs from Southeastern Highspeed and the BBAs from Tees Valley Line.
Using the seasonal services feature, Flying Scotsman features multiple railtours timed throughout the year. Again, the start and end points reflect the full real life services. In-game services run only between Peterborough and Doncaster.
  • [Jan/Feb] 1Z87 London Kings Cross to York & 1Z90 York to London Kings Cross
  • [Mar/Apr] 1Z72 London Kings Cross to York (2 parts)
  • [May/Jun] 1Z20 Willington to London Kings Cross & 1Z22 London Kings Cross to Cleethorpes
  • [Jul/Aug] 1Z54 London Kings Cross to York & 1Z55 York to London Kings Cross
  • [Sep/Oct] 1Z39 London Kings Cross to York (2 parts) & 1Z41 York to London Kings Cross
  • [Nov/Dec] 1Z44 London Kings Cross to York (3 parts) & 1Z56 Edinburgh to London Kings Cross
  • There is also a light engine and support coach movement for one of the tours.
These are designed to offer the most amount of variety while respecting the uniqueness of the locomotive, deviating from these when selecting the services as a player could result in seeing more than one Scotsman at once.
Along the way there'll be plenty of collectibles to find, including the standard Route Maps as well as First Aid Defibrillators.

Additional Service Layers

Additional service layers from previous Train Sim World routes and locomotives will become available for players that own them once Compatible content unlocks on Release Day - September 26th.
We're currently working on optimising these layers for East Coast Main Line between PC / Gen 9 and Gen 8 consoles to ensure players get the best experience. PC & Gen 9 players will be able to see and operate both playable and AI services from Midland Main Line, Thameslink Class 700 and the Railhead Treatment Train by launch on September 26th.
We will confirm further details and a full list of additional services as soon as we can.

East Coast Main Line Route Preview

You can view a preview of the East Coast Main Line, featuring both the LNER Azuma and Flying Scotsman tonight with the Railfan TV from 1800 UTC on YouTube and Twitch.

Free Roam – Your Hobby. Your Adventure. Your Way.

Another focus for this week is the exciting new Free Roam feature, giving you the flexibility to place and move trains at will across any of the routes in your collection! The game-changing feature (in the most literal sense of the phrase) offers the potential to extend playing sessions for hours in a sandbox mode, where the placement, removal and pathing of trains can result in a more dynamic style of play.
Earlier this week, Matt, Lukas and JD showcased this freedom in a preview stream showcasing Free Roam on Sand Patch Grade (in an open route setting, with no AI trains) and Dresden – Riesa (in Timetable Mode, with AI trains).
Matt answers plenty of questions in this one, some verbally and others by doing things in Free Roam directly! The team also cover Scenario Planner towards the end of the stream.
If you have any further questions about any of the new content and features in Train Sim World 4, head over to the Train Sim World 4 FAQs, where we can provide the answers you seek.

Pre-order & Early Access: Play from tomorrow, September 21st!

Train Sim World 4 will release for Windows PC, PlayStation, and Xbox consoles on Tuesday September 26th.
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Pre-Order now for Early Access and Discount!

It can be pre-ordered digitally from today on Steam and the Epic Games Store, PlayStation® Store, and Microsoft Store:

  • Standard Edition (£39.99/€44.99/$49.99)
    • Comes with Training Center, S-Bahn Vorarlberg, Antelope Valley Line and East Coast Main Line.
  • Deluxe Edition (£52.99/€64.99/$69.99)
  • Special Edition (£89.99/€104.99/$109.99)
Players that already own the previous version of Nahverkehr Dresden – Riesa can take advantage of the upgrades by purchasing any edition of Train Sim World 4.
It can be pre-ordered with a discount of up to 25% on selected platforms, with Deluxe and Special Editions granting 5-day Early Access and bonus decals for Livery Editor. A downloadable Soundtrack is also available with pre-orders on Steam.
Steam players that have Train Sim World 3 will be entitled to a loyalty discount and a pre-order discount, totalling 25% off.
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