Train Sim World 4

TSW: December Studio Update

We recently gave some more detail on the Editor and I didn’t want to let another update slip by without giving you some more information since I know it’s a hot topic for discussion.

Editor News

Work on the editor is progressing slowly but surely. We’re gradually opening up the number of cooked assets that can be at least viewed and, in some cases, edited within the Editor. The main tasks we’re initially focusing on enabling and improving the workflow for are scenario creation, route creation and allowing you to easily make repaints. We’ve also had lots of people asking about being able to create whole new service modes for existing routes and we have started looking at some User Interface changes to Train Sim World that could allow this to happen in the future - but there are no timescales on that yet.
Another common question we’ve seen relates to how user generated content will be installed, so if someone makes a scenario what does that mean for someone getting it on their own system? The answer is that the cooking process will ultimately create a .pak file, which is a similar concept to a .zip file. When you get a .pak file for some content you will put that file into a new folder structure within your Documents\My Games folders specifically aimed at collecting your User Generated Content together in one place; further organising content in to Scenarios, Routes and so forth. Where content is downloaded from Steam Workshop, this will all happen automatically, but you’ll be able to share the .pak files via any site or mechanism you wish and then just make sure you put them in the right place once you’ve downloaded them. There’s no need to unpack or unzip, just put the file in the folder and run the game.
Last time I discussed the Editor I indicated that our hope was to be able to release it this side of Christmas. Unfortunately, getting the Editor in to the right state for the public open beta is proving challenging, so while we are still aiming to get it to our internal beta group and to the third-party developers we’re working with this side of Christmas, the public open beta will now be in the New Year. This will also allow some more time to get more documentation and tutorials ready as well as benefit from the early feedback coming in from the initial testing group.

Physics Backport News

By the time you read this you’ll have the first part of our Physics Backport already available to you. The BR Class 66 and BR Class 43 HST from Great Western Express are now updated so if you take them for a drive in a Scenario or Service you should be seeing the new physics performance characteristics. Early feedback that I’ve been receiving from the community is extremely positive and boosting the team in their continued work in this area.
After the UK physics, the next task was for the US CSX locomotives to be reviewed. This is going very well, with the GP38-2 (on both Sand Patch Grade and NEC New York), GP40-2 and SD40-2 now mostly completed. Work on the AC4400CW is progressing well and then we’re going to take a look at the physics on all the CSX wagons, particularly relating to weight, friction and braking characteristics.

Exciting Times

Train Sim World continues to advance and develop all the time and this year has been an exciting ride as the sim adds new technology and implements new features along with going back and improving earlier content.
From all of us here at the studio I want to extend a huge thank you to everyone who has been sending in feedback, suggestions and opinions, you’ve made a real impact on the product and we really value your views on how to make Train Sim World better.
Is there something you’d like to see in these studio updates? If you have questions or suggestions, then please post them in the forum and we can get you some answers.
Lastly, from myself and everyone here in the Studio, we’d like to wish you all a very happy holidays this festive season and look forward to next year with even more exciting projects and news to discuss!
Train Sim World 4
TSW: December Studio Update