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TSW: Darlington Delight

Train Sim World: Tees Valley Line is coming soon, and brings with it Darlington to Saltburn as it was in 1989, packed with heavy steel and classic passenger action.
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There’s lots of sights to see, so let’s take a dive into Train Sim World: Tees Valley Line before you get the chance to experience it for yourself on 23rd May.

Birthplace of the Modern Railway

Records show that the North East of England has been a key player in various methods of coal mining since 13th Century, meaning the eventual dawn of the Industrial Revolution was bound to see this practise boom anywhere where companies could set up mines, and of course, rapid and reliable methods of transporting the coal they excavated.
Originally, horses were put to work on shifting coal, and while canals where looked into they were not considered feasible. Instead, a new idea was explored in the early 1800s, and would culminate into what became the world’s first public railway to use steam locomotives, the Stockton & Darlington Railway.
It is with the Stockton & Darlington Railway that the Tees Valley Line shares its lineage with – the S&DR expanded in the mid-19th Century to towns such as Middlesbrough, Redcar and Saltburn, in order to reach the coast for their docks, land ripe for development and cater for holiday-seeking traffic.
Already successful, the line and its location attracted more industry, and in the early 20th Century “Teesside Steelworks” was founded. With production spread across Lackenby and Warrenby, and an abundance of coal (later coke), steel production soared. Teesside would be responsible for producing steel for the likes of the Tyne Bridge near Newcastle, and even the Sydney Harbour Bridge.
While steel production has dwindled in recent years, it was still running at capacity back in 1989, and this is the year you can experience it and help turn the wheels of industry in Train Sim World: Tees Valley Line!
As a driver for the recently sectorised British Rail, you will take charge of heavy coke and steel trains aboard the class BR Class 37/5 in freshly painted Trainload Metals Sector livery, complete with Thornaby Depot’s Kingfisher plate. For haulage, BBA and HEA wagons feature, and you’ll not only be taking steel away, but also unloading coke at Redcar ready to fuel the production line onward.
With vast locations such as Tees Yard and Lackenby Steelworks requiring rolling stock to be appropriately organised ready for later use, you will also be climbing aboard Thornaby Depot’s very own BR Class 08 “Gronk” shunters. Marshalling freight wagons into place requires a keen eye and precise driving skills in order to effectively and safely get the job done; you need to know where you are going, and even though the Gronks don’t go fast, you need to be vigilant on the brakes.
It’s not all heavy freight; the Tees Valley Line also gained popularity with passengers thanks to its connection to the coast, and also with plenty of people needing to get to work at the various industries from all the local towns. As such, plenty of passenger duties are ready to be undertaken, and the motive power at play is the BR Class 101 in both 2 and 3-car formations. Frequent trains cover the whole length of the line, with plenty more shuttling between Darlington and Middlesbrough, and others additionally calling at certain stations throughout the day.
All told, Train Sim World: Tees Valley Line is set to bring a whole host of authentic and engaging experiences, and it can be yours when it arrives May 23rd!
A pair of BR Class 37/5s, sporting the newly adorned Trainload Metals sector livery, coast out of Tees Yard with a rake of loaded HEA hoppers in-tow. These wagons will later be unloaded at the Redcar Ore Facility.
At the end of a gloomy day, a BR Class 08 prepares to rest in Thornaby Depot for the night after a lengthy shift full of marshalling wagons in Tees Yard (above). Another day, under sunnier skies, a 3-car BR Class 101 catches the attention of County Durham estates while performing a westbound stopping service (below).
Turning our attention back to the double-headed 37s, we now see them put down the power as they accelerate towards Middlesbrough, passing by the eye-catching Tees Newport Bridge.
Shunting duties aplenty for the Gronk on this overcast day, getting BBA wagons into place ready to be loaded with steel and delivered to various customers across the country (above). As dawn breaks over Lackenby, a pair of Class 37/5s prepare to depart for the yard and couple up to a steel train bound for Scunthorpe (below).
A 2-car Class 101 is seen racing through Teesside Airport on a service bound for Middlesbrough. Not all trains call at Teesside Airport, and not all call at Redcar British Steel, making for a varied timetable throughout the day – something to discover for yourself when Train Sim World: Tees Valley Line releases on May 23rd!
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