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Creators Club Beta – Arriving This Week!

On 24th February the Creators Club Beta arrives for Train Sim World 2! Get ready for launch by creating something new with the customisation tools.
Launching 24th February, the Creators Club Beta is the home of player customisation. A free update to Train Sim World 2, the Creators Club Beta allows you to share Livery Designer and Scenario Planner mods with players around the world on any platform. As well as browse creations of other players from the community. The free update will be rolling out from 10AM UTC, starting on console, with Steam to follow.
Watch our exclusive preview of the Creators Club Beta on Railfan TV from earlier this week.
Whilst you’re waiting for launch, why not make something new to share with the community. Find out more about the customisation tools featured in Train Sim World 2...

Livery Designer

In Train Sim World 2 you can create custom liveries for your locomotives and wagons with an easy to use in-game tool that allows you to craft simple or complex designs. Unleash your creativity with the Livery Designer and bring your routes to life with a unique look. The Livery Designer includes a variety of shapes that you can colour, stretch, resize, rotate and angle to get your desired effect. Add more shapes or gradient layers to your livery to build up a design to create your dream livery. This can be finished with decals like safety/railway signs, lettering and numbers to give it an authentic real-world look. You can have up to 300 layers on each vehicle. Whatever you want to create, the Livery Designer makes it possible. To make your own livery with the Livery Designer follow the below steps.

  1. Launch Train Sim World 2 and select any route.
  1. On the route screen select Tools and then Livery Designer to launch the tool.
  1. You will then see a list of all rolling stock that is compatible with the Livery Designer, pick the one you want to edit.
  1. Once you’ve picked your stock you want to work on, you can then either edit an existing design or start a new one.
  1. In the Livery Designer you can change the base colour, add layers from a variety of shapes, edit those and add decals as needed to create your design.
  1. Once saved your livery can be accessed in game when selecting your loco on a service run.

When testing your livery on the first run, make sure you’re taking some Railfan Shots of it in action so you have them ready for uploading to the Creators Club Beta. Note, some brands will be restricted for upload to the Creators Club. Look out for a full FAQ at launch. You can find an approved list below of operator brands that have given permission for use in the Creators Club Beta below.
  • BNSF (i.e. BNSF, Burlington Northern, Santa Fe, Northern Pacific, Frisco, Colorado & Southern)
  • Deutsche Bahn (DB, Süwex, S-Bahn)
  • Govia owned Gatwick Express and Thameslink
  • Go-ahead owned Great Northern and Southern
  • MBTA
  • MDV
  • Network West Midlands
  • NJ Transit
  • Railpool
  • RhB (i.e. Rhätische Bahn, Arosabahn, Graubünden)
  • Union Pacific ( i.e. Chicago & North Western, Rio Grande, Southern Pacific)
  • VVO
  • West Midlands Railway

Scenario Planner

With the Scenario Planner in Train Sim World 2 you can drive what you want, where you want. Plan out your own scenario to create your dream service, decide the stations you stop at and what other traffic you pass on the way. You can stick to real-world rules or select to go ‘off the rails’ and design a scenario that defies the laws of physics – For example, running an electric loco up Sand Patch Grade! To make your own scenario with the Scenario Planner follow the below steps.

  1. Launch Train Sim World 2 and select the route you'd like to make a scenario on.
  2. On the route screen select Tools and then Scenario Planner to launch the tool.
  3. To start with add a new scenario and give it a name.
  4. You now need to add your first service - Pick the start/end marker and instructions for which stations to stop at.
  5. Following this you will be asked to select your train and formation for the service. You can also select custom liveries here.
  6. Lastly enter a name for the service, select start time and decide if you will be driving or AI.
  7. Once saved you can now jump in and drive. If you want to add traffic to the scenario repeat steps 4-6.

It's recommended doing a few test drives as you make your scenario, especially to make sure you have the right stations, platforms and times for each of your services. You can use this time to take some Railfan Shots as well ready for uploading your scenario to the Creators Club Beta.

Preparing For The Beta

Make sure you're ready for the launch of this free update to Train Sim World 2. Your pre-launch check list...
  • Make sure you have a Dovetail Live account, verified by email.
  • Finish off any liveries or scenarios you are working on.
  • Take x3 Railfan Shots of each one.
You're now ready to start sharing your creations with the Train Sim World 2 community when the Creators Club Beta arrives on Thursday! We can't wait to see all of your designs, send us your Railfan Shots @trainsimworld on Twitter and Facebook of your favourite mods.
Images displayed in this article may depict content that is still in development. The licensed brands may not have been approved by their respective owner and some artwork may still be pending approval.
Train Sim World 4
Creators Club Beta – Arriving This Week!