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Brand new Train Sim World 3 loco Bundle!

Master more machines and add exciting detailed locos to your collection with this incredible upcoming loco bundle, coming to Train Sim World 3 on the 4th of October!
This brand-new Add-On adds fun new content, exciting new liveries, and engaging scenarios. You can beat the weather, add more variety to your routes, and feel the power of new locos with the Train Sim World 3 Loco Add-On Bundle.
The Loco Add-On Bundle features new locos for all three of the routes featured in Train Sim World 3. For those who like to go fast between Kassel and Würzburg, you can relive the days of fast freight in an entirely new livery with the high-speed and modern Dispolok BR 182. Conducting a vital maintenance task, the Railhead Treatment Train is the perfect addition to simulated Autumnal services across Southeastern Highspeed. Finally, Cajon Pass receives a striking heritage locomotive, the F7. Resplendent in the famous Santa Fe Warbonnet livery this powerful Diesel-Electric monster offers an entirely new driving experience across the mountain pass.
You can add the Loco Add-On Bundle to your Train Sim World 3 collection on the 4th of October, at the amazing price of £11.99/€ 13.99/$13.99!
If you have started your Train Sim World 3 journey with one of the awesome Regional Editions, fear not! The Locomotives that feature in the Train Sim World 3 Loco Add-On Bundle will be available separately for you to enjoy too and will be £4.99/€5.99/$5.99 each.

Railhead Treatment Train – New Add-On for Southeastern Highspeed

As the British weather sets in, Rail Head Treatment Trains, or RHTT for short, start to make their way out onto the line and become a common sight. Across the entire length and breadth of the Country, these humble maintenance trains keep the network running. Designed to remove leaf fall residue that interferes with both trains adhesion and signalling systems, the Rail Head Treatment Trains blast high pressure water jets directly onto the track, removing any to help passing trains grip the track better and maintain signalling parity. Some also further improve adhesion by applying a Sandite mixture to the rails (a mix of sand, antifreeze and steel shot).
Appearing in a multitude of guises across the United Kingdom, they are an interesting find for even the most casual train spotter. The Rail Head Treatment Trains seen in the South East have no ability to move under their own power. Instead, suitable pairs of Diesel locomotives are the applied to the task, and given additional equipment to control the RHTT remotely.
As part of the Loco Add-On Bundle, we have included the stalwart of British modern freight, the BR Class 66, in a heavily weathered EWS livery, as is typical for these trains with dust and dirt blasted into the train’s wake, which also features additional in-cab equipment to control the RHTT jets. Top and tailed for easy movement around the network, the RHTT includes 4 different KFA Wagon variants containing the specialist equipment required to do the job.
  • Dual Tank with Generator
  • Dual Tank with Pump
  • Single Tank
  • Triple Tank
Please note, there is no simulated difference in rail adhesion with the RHTT in-game, the effect of spraying is a visual and audible effect only.
Trundle throughout Kent exploring Southeastern Highspeed at a much more leisurely pace, beating the challenging British weather and conducting the vital maintenance task at hand.

BR 182 in Dispolok yellow and Grey livery - New Add-On for Kassel and Würzburg

Bolstering the highspeed freight traffic that powers its way across the German hills between Kassel and Würzburg is the Dispolok BR 182. Nightly fast freight trains have been a common part of the timetable since the route opened, as such, a plethora of freight locomotives and stock have graced the route. The BR 182 was created around the turn of the century with the aim to become an adaptable template that could be altered to the purchasing company's specifications.
Unlike other BR 182 locomotives that ran across the German network, the Dispolok BR 182 was set up to be leased to other companies, as and when it was needed. As such, the Dispolok BR 182 in its Yellow and Grey livery was seen countrywide throughout the early Noughties.
In more recent years the livery would gradually become a rarer sight for Railfans, following the merger of Dispolok and MRCE. Upon the creation of a single, larger leasing company, the existing fleet was gradually repainted into the black MRCE livery we know today.
Jump in the cab of this staple of German freight, and as night falls, unleash the power of the Taurus!

F7A and F7B in Santa Fe Warbonnet livery – New Add-on for Cajon Pass

A true legend of American railroading blasts onto Train Sim World 3. The F7 is recognisable to railfans across the world, and the livery most synonymous with this famous loco is the striking Warbonnet livery. Dating back as far as the late 1940’s the iconic Santa Fe colours of Red, Yellow and Silver add a historic touch to this busy route. Railfans can reminisce back to the days of post-war traction and stainless steel rollingstock in style.
Despite its age, the F7 has an aggressive yet state-of-the-art design, appearing way ahead of its time, and became the most successful of its type, with over 2300 constructed. In the modern era, the F7’s power is dwarfed by its modern counterparts, but that doesn’t mean it’s any less exciting to hear its distinctive engine and see its striking livery at the head of a train. True nostalgia for any fan of American railroading!
Enjoy an entirely new driving experience across Cajon Pass, as you attempt to wrestle with heavy freight trains that are making their way across the route.
The Locos featured in the bundle will also have comprehensive training guides as part of the Training Center, giving you the freedom to learn how to drive them in a safe environment. With their ability to be added to the Training Center as part of the Scenario Planner feature you have the freedom to explore this popular additional route as you please.
As you can see there is something for everyone to enjoy with the first ever Train Sim World 3 Add- on. So, take to the tracks, beat the weather, enjoy a variety of new gameplay, and feel the power of some exciting new locomotives, with the brand-new Loco Add-On Bundle. Coming to Train Sim World 3 on October 4th
For those players who have played and enjoyed the New Journeys Add-On for Train Sim World 2, you will be pleased to hear that it will also be available for you to enjoy in Train Sim World 3 shortly. We are working on some final tweaks to give you a great experience, and you can expect an update on this shortly.
To get your first glimpse of the upcoming Loco Add-On Bundle be sure to watch the Railfan TV team this Thursday on Twitch and YouTube (Thursday, September 29th) at 19:00 pm UTC. Don't miss it!
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Written by Chris Payne
Train Sim World 4
Brand new Train Sim World 3 loco Bundle!