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Livestream: Bahnstrecke Salzburg – Rosenheim

Enter the cab of a 70s classic between two countries in the heart of Europe. Bahnstrecke Salzburg – Rosenheim is coming 27th February featuring the new, all-electric DB BR 111.

Steam Pre-Order Update

Before we get started with the details, you may have seen earlier this week that we paused the planned pre-order on the Steam Store for this route, prior to it going live. We identified a few issues with Scenarios on the route, and the pre-order would have locked us into a release date for which, at the time, we weren’t confident on.
We are pleased to report that the issues, related to completing Scenarios, have been resolved, apart from one specific Scenario. We are now looking into whether we can bring this specific scenario in a post-release update for players, but at the moment we don't envisage changing our release date from Tuesday, 27th February.
The pre-order will be set live once again on the Steam Store from 6pm UTC tonight, February 22nd, with a 10% pre-order discount.
Thanks for your understanding - On with the good bits!

Locomotives and Rolling Stock

DB BR 111 + Gen 4 Dosto coaches

After a brief dip into the diesel world with our previous route Add-on Maintalbahn, we’re back to all-electric services and a brand-new electric locomotive to Train Sim World – DB’s BR 111. This ageing classic from the 70s and 80s features a tap changer control system with both manual and semi-automatic input. Unlike the DB BR 103 however (seen in the Linke Rheinstrecke route Add-on), the cab of this locomotive doesn’t have a wheel, but lever controls instead.
In reality, the DB BR 111 has seen service across a variety of German routes, including use on S-Bahn services and hauling InterCity trains. In Bahnstrecke Salzburg – Rosenheim these locomotives haul Gen 4 Dosto coaches across the full length of the route as push-pull operations, with the cab car leading the way on return journeys.
As well as the tap changer controls, there are some unique features to note, including the pantograph and the recognisable horn.

ÖBB 4024 Talent 1 EMU

In and around Salzburg Hbf, ÖBB services will feature the 4024 Talent 1 EMU previously seen in S-Bahn Vorarlberg. This low-floor, stop-start commuter railcar is ideal for cross-border services, with variants of it used all across Europe. Its inclusion will fill out some of the platforms at Salzburg Hbf and add a different style of operation to tackle across part of the route.
The ÖBB 4024 Talent 1 EMU is included with Bahnstrecke Salzburg – Rosenheim. Players do not need to own S-Bahn Vorarlberg to make use of this train.

DB BR 185.2 + Habbiins, Sggmrss Wagons

It’s not all about passenger services though. Also included is the DB BR 185.2 electric locomotive, previously seen in a number of route Add-ons, to provide freight service operations. Players wanting to enjoy the route with some familiar traction will no doubt relish the opportunity to operate the more modern 185 in new surroundings. Services consists of end-to-end runs with both the Habbiins and Sggmrss Wagons.
Other wagons will also substitute into freight services from other route and loco Add-ons for players that own them.
The DB BR 185.2 is included with Bahnstrecke Salzburg – Rosenheim. Players do not need to own any previous route Add-ons to make use of this locomotive.

The Route: Salzburg – Rosenheim

Our continuation into Austria for Train Sim World 4 may only be a short stretch at the eastern end of this route, but it’s an important one. Beyond Salzburg, the rest of the 89km route runs through Germany’s Bavaria region.
Salzburg has long been one of the most important cities in Austria with a vast amount of cultural and railway history. It is the birthplace of famed composer Mozart, who continues to influence the music world today, including our tease trailer!
The line out to Rosenheim has origins from 1828 and took many years of theorising, designing, and funding to construct. The first station at Rosenheim was opened originally in 1857 but after the opening of the line to Salzburg was superseded by a station on the current site. This new station received alterations and repairs over time, including after war damage and the current Bahnhof Rosenheim was inaugurated in 1957. The original station now serves as the town hall, or Rathaus.
Along the route, the scenic countryside delights drivers and passengers alike with sights of the Bavaria region, including the area around the Chiemsee lake.
Distant mountains create a stunning backdrop for most of the route, with bridges and viaducts present at various points along the line. The distinctive vernacular of this region’s buildings and stations is also apparent. Thirteen stations over 89km of track include towns and villages in the Bavarian hills, such as Übersee, Bernau am Chiemsee and Teisendorf. Some stations now have working lifts that the player can use to explore!
Players will be able to find collectibles along the way, including the staple route maps and first aid kits seen on other routes, as well as lovely flowers and logs which need cutting up along the line side.

Services, Layers and Gameplay

Eastbound passenger services from Rosenheim to Salzburg will be headed by the DB BR 111, with westbound services operated via the Dosto cab car. Westbound München Hbf services will then travel off the map at Rosenheim.
The DB BR 111 will also no doubt form a popular Free Roam choice for players with other German route Add-ons such as Dresden – Riesa and Köln - Aachen.
ÖBB 4024 services can be operated between Salzburg and Freilassing with their final destinations being off the map stations including: Schwarzach-St.Veit, Golling-Abtenau, Saalfelden, Wels, Bad Reichenhall and Berchtesgaden.
There will also be depot moves at Freilassing and Rosenheim.
Service layers and substitutions from other owned Add-ons feature a variety of different operations and locomotives, including:
  • DB BR 628.2, in red DB livery (Niddertalbahn)
  • DB BR 101 loco Add-on
  • DB BR 103 rail tour with heritage InterCity train (Linke Rheinstrecke)
  • Railpool BR 193 Vectron and Eanos Wagon
  • DB BR 363, in red DB livery (loco Add-on required)
If you caught our Dovetail Direct event you’ll also know that we’re working on a fully Austrian route Add-on with Semmeringbahn: Wiener Neustadt – Mürzzuschlag. We’ll have more to discuss on that later down the line, but upon release, the ÖBB 1116 locomotive will also layer into Bahnstrecke Salzburg – Rosenheim.

Livestream Tonight - 1900 UTC with Matt & Alex

Want to see more of Bahnstrecke Salzburg – Rosenheim? Join the Railfan TV team on YouTube and Twitch on Thursday 22nd February at 1900 UTC for a preview of the route.
Train Sim World 4: Bahnstrecke Salzburg – Rosenheim route Add-on will be available from 27th February for Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Epic Games Store, and Steam for €35.99/£29.99/$39.99
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Livestream: Bahnstrecke Salzburg – Rosenheim