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TSW: Autumn Update Available Now

In response to your important feedback, we have today released an update for Train Sim World, and add-ons, on Windows PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.
Here’s the full changelist:

Train Sim World Core Software

  • Fixed the weather code to fully initialise before the Time of Day System, prevents incorrect lighting cube maps from being generated on game start
  • Can now specify spawn time to service mode within 5-minute intervals instead of 15 minutes
  • Removed the faded "D" from the power HUD icon
  • Changed the direction neutral "N" to a "-" in order to be more localisation friendly
  • Fix for rail vehicles losing all momentum upon derailment
  • Improved how passengers determine which platforms to spawn at based on arriving trains
  • Fix for objective manager presenting incorrect objectives for a service in some rare instances
  • Fix for dispatcher track section request ordering which could create standoffs in some cases
  • Fixed some issues with sleepers / track ties which made them appear in bulk, disappear and then gradually re-appear

Ruhr-Sieg Nord


  • Fixed an issue with the Freight Exchange scenario to properly recognise the 5-second hold rule for the Battery Isolation switch
  • Fixed an issue with the doors opening on wrong side at Plettenberg on RB91/RE16 services, and at Hohenlimburg on RB56 services.
  • Fixed an issue with the “Depart When Ready” objective would not clear when the train was moving in the Returning Empty scenario


  • Removed a Vr head and changed magnets on one signal which affected services running through Plettenberg Platform 2 that were receiving a 1000 Hz influence
  • Fixed an issue that would produce the full rain audio whilst under the canopy in Hagen Hbf
  • Added speed related PZB activation to 1000 Hz and 500 Hz magnets
  • Fixed an issue with an OHLE hanger floating in mid-air at Plettenberg station

DB BR 143

  • Added an option to allow the player to activate the cab light from the controller
  • Fixed an issue that would cause all locos to show the same loco number
  • Added missing ground shadow plane
  • Adjusted the Full-Service brake pressure to correctly report a reduction to 3.5 BAR instead of ~3.6 BAR
  • Added missing Desk Light
  • Moved shunting control components further inwards to allow players to interact with them
  • Fixed an issue with the bright headlight setting that would show reflections on the windscreen and other flickering artefacts
  • Fix coupling clipping when coupling to Shimms wagon
  • Re-added missing PZB Mode decals to switch on lower desk
  • Fixed an issue that would prevent the player from re-entering the loco during the tutorial
  • Fixed an issue with premature brake application when loco is moving under AFB
  • Fixed an issue that would result in the AFB disappearing from the MFD when switching to exterior camera and back
  • Updated the tutorial so that it correctly asks the player to set the centre headlight as well
  • Fixed a number of issues with the tractive effort gauge
  • Fixed the PZB "Acknowledge" functionality on Xbox controller

Doppelstockwagen & Control Car

  • Fixed a problem with the representations of the headlights
  • Fixed an issue that would prevent a player from being able to sit in the secondman’s seat whilst the train is in motion
  • Fixed an issue where the horn failed to trigger if the horn control was pressed too quickly after release
  • Changed the horn fade out time, and the audio trigger conditions based off the position of the horn control
  • Added the appropriate animation for the Brake Overcharge button
  • Fixed the camera functionality
  • Fixed the missing rain on the upper level windows
  • Improved the 3D model smoothing


  • Improved the freight wagon sounds so they can be heard on passing AI trains
  • Adjusted collision volume to allow for easier access to couplers on the Habbiins 344


  • Fixed an issue with the collectable located at Altena tunnel


  • Numerous fixes relating to key language translation throughout

West Somerset Railway


  • Optimised performance of hoses between vehicles
  • Rain and Snow effects should now show up correctly on windows
  • General scenery improvements
  • Extended stopping radius on "go to" objectives from 2 meters to 8 meters to make it more flexible when stopping

BR Class 47

  • Ensure drivers and crew are interacting correctly with seats
  • Added rattle sound

BR Class 09

  • Optimised performance of hoses between vehicles

Mk1 Coaches

  • Added missing audio for interior hinged and sliding doors
  • Fixed an issue affecting one of the sliding doors not working correctly


  • Numerous fixes relating to key language translation throughout

Northeast Corridor New York


  • Fixed junction motors and levers in New York Penn to not have snow on them
  • Fixed a number of issues relating to loading saved games
  • Reduced couple/uncouple times for freight to be 1 second instead of 10 seconds

Amtrak ACS-64

  • Fixed reward stats for Cab Light and Horn

Great Western Express


  • Removed the overgrowing foliage to the platform and tunnel next to Hayes and Harlington

BR Class 43 ‘HST’

  • Completely reworked diesel-electric simulation has been added
  • Improved behaviour of Electric Train Supply and how it affects the engine rpm and throttle control usage

BR Class 66

  • Completely reworked diesel-electric simulation has been added
  • Adjustments to the EM2000 module and how it displays data
  • Faster reaction movement on the Ammeter

Freight Wagons

  • Changed the dimension of brake pipe connectors to improve air flow and thus improve brake operation
If you own Train Sim World, plus any of its add-ons, the update will re-download and update automatically. If you have any problems/queries in regards to the update, leave a comment on the forums (below) or submit a ticket to our support site where our Support Team will be ready to assist.
Train Sim World
TSW: Autumn Update Available Now