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Arosalinie: Chur - Arosa arrives 25th March! With its unique charm, the route has some fantastic quintessentially Swiss stations for you to visit. We take a look at each of them and what there is to explore…


584 metres above Sea level

Starting in the busy town of Chur your journey alights from stylish roadside platforms in Bahnhofplatz, forming part of Chur’s mainline station these unique additional platforms were designed to serve the Arosa Linie. They could easily be mistaken for a local tram stop and is in part due to the platforms forming part of the main street outside the station. The routes road running section begins here and continues South through the town and onto your next destination.

Chur Stadt

595 metres above Sea level

Less than a Kilometre from Chur’s Main station the next stop along the line is Chur Stadt. This small street halt serves the Old town and is usually where tourists looking for attractions, bars and shops end their journey. Sitting in the shadow of St Martin's Church, the station and line run parallel to the Plessur river for some distance. The line exits Chur and its street running section via the town suburb of Sand


938 metres above Sea level

“Wo ein Wille ist, ist auch ein Weg” – “If there is a will, there is also a way”

Next on your route is the station of Lüen-Castiel. Situated in Lüen but serving both villages that the station has taken its name from. This is the first stop that to give you views of the deep valley of the Plessur river and the rising gradients you are about to conquer. The station has a passing loop and two platforms but its most interesting feature is the station building, built of blocks of woods locally called Blockhäuser, it is typical of the local architectural style which was imported in the area by the late Walser migrations. Each of the stations constructed in the Blockhäuser design has been decorated with an inspiring motto in German, clearly marked on the front of each of the stations and unique to each location. As you leave the station heading West you are greeted by the magnificent Castielertobel Viaduct, the third-largest on the route.


1157 metres above Sea level

“Fürcht nicht die Welt, greif tapfer an” - “Do not fear the world, attack valiantly!”

With approximately 300 people living in the nearby villages of St.Peter and Molinis, this rural station sits 12.7 kilometres from Chur and is the routes halfway point. its station building is built in the same style as Lüen-Castiel station.


1244 metres above Sea level

“Es eilt die Zeit, Mensch sei bereit ” - “Time hurries, human be ready! ”

On your approach to Peist station, your journey will take you up some of the steepest grades of the entire route. 14.3 kilometres from Chur. With its open agricultural land and slopes and unobscured by woodland like some of the other stations along the line, Peist gives you beautiful open panoramic views of the entire valley and the surrounding mountains. An incredible sight throughout the year. The station is of the same Blockhäuser design as its predecessors, and also has 2 platforms with a passing loop. Some distance beyond Peist station at Matten-Gründji the Gründjitobel Viaduct crosses a massive gorge, giving you amazing views into this deep valley.

Langwies GR

1317 metres above Sea level

“Hōhen und Tiefen ebnet die Zeit, aber sie eilet, versteh sie und schaffe ” - “Time paves ups and downs, but it rushes, understand her and create. ”

Probably one of the most famous locations of the Arosa Linie, Langwies GR station serves the local village of the same namesake, its station building follows the same design as the other hillside stations, however, in addition to the two platforms there is an additional passing loop. Upon leaving the station Langwies’s most famous landmark is unmissable. Listed as a Swiss heritage site of national significance The Langwies Viaduct is not only the highlight of your journey but probably one of the most amazing sections of railway in the world. Comprehensively refurbished in 2009 this magnificent Concrete structure is a sight to behold.


1452 metres above Sea level

“Dem Fortschritt und Verkehr, dem Bündnerland zu ehr. ” - “To honour the progress and transport, to honour the people of the Bündnerland. ”

Your penultimate stop before you reach the lines summit and terminus is Litzirüti station. Situated 5 Kilometres from Arosa this tiny mountainside hamlet forms part of Arosa’s popular Winter and summer resorts. With its platform café, this is an ideal location to jump off have a break, and if you are feeling brave take on the hilly hike to Arosa and follow the railway on foot.


1739 metres above Sea level

Your time on one of the most amazing railways sadly has to come to an end at some point, thankfully Arosa station is a fitting terminus to end your journey. Having travelled 25.6 Kilometres and climbed 1155 metres from Chur, this mountain town offers incredible panoramic views all year round and has been a very popular ski resort even before the arrival of the railway in 1914. it is home to over 3000 residents, however, they are regularly outnumbered by the significant number of tourists that visit the town, there are over 4200 beds available for visitors. To commemorate the lines centenary Arosa station received extensive modernisation and was completely rebuilt in 2014. Beyond the station itself, there is a large goods yard and a 2-road Locomotive shed.
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