The 'Wright' Stuff: First Flight Airport (KFFA) Comes to Steam

Steeped in aviation history, First Flight Airport (KFFA) is where the Wright brothers conducted their hugely significant experiments in flight. Courtesy of developers Flight1 Software, KFFA recreates the airport and surrounding area, complete with the granite Wright brothers memorial on Kill Devil Hill.

Additional features include:

  • 63 km Of Custom Texture Photo Terrain Textures With Near Photo Accuracy
  • 500 km of Hand Classified Landclass For Accurate Blending
  • 9530 Custom Geotypical Buildings Accurately Sized And Placed
  • 570 Accurately Placed Autogen Houses
  • Accurately Placed Vegetation Autogen
  • Library Objects Used For Added Detail
  • Detailed Mesh
  • Landmark Objects Included

Click here for full details.

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