Take in the Views with Aerosoft's US Cities X: Niagara Falls

With five heliports, numerous landmarks and image resolution up to 15cm/pix, US Cities X: Niagara Falls recreates not only the US part of the region but also a significant area across the Canadian border. Developed by LimeSim, this highly detailed add-on is now available on the Steam store for FSX: Steam Edition.

Notable landmarks include:

  • Skylon Tower with animated outside elevators
  • Marineland with animated -2G tower
  • Rainbow and other bridges crossing Niagara River
  • Spanish Cable Car crossing “the Whirlpool”
  • SkyWheel
  • Hi-Flyer balloon (animated)
  • Prospect viewing platform
  • Hydro plants

Click here to visit this iconic location in FSX: Steam Edition today!

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