A2A Simulations F4U comes to Steam!

Courtesy of third party developers A2A Simulations, their recreation of the classic radial-engined F4U is now available on Steam for FSX: Steam Edition.

Flown by the US Navy and US Marines, along with other nations' air services, the F4U was a serious step forward for carrier-based aircraft, though plenty of Corsairs flew from land bases too.

A2A’s F4U includes several variants and many realistic detail features:

  • F4U-1A, F4U-1C, and F4U-1D models included
  • Classic radial engine sounds inside and out
  • Animated pilot looks around as you fly
  • 3D instrumentation
  • Drop wing tanks remove both fuel and weight when released
  • Under-wing rockets can be added or removed with a single click

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