Euro Fishing: February Update Out Now!

We’re delighted to announce that our latest update for Euro Fishing is now out on all platforms.

With this update you will see the addition of the reel speed which will allow you to increase and decrease the speed at which you reel in. You can do this with RB/LB on Xbox, R1/R2 on PS4 and [/] on PC. As a result of this change you will notice that the ‘Reset Cast’ button has been moved to Circle/B.

Also with this patch we are happy to tell you that there are 5 new RidgeMonkey lines! The lines included are as follows: - RidgeMonkey RM-Tec Mono 12lb (Green) - RidgeMonkey RM-Tec Mono 15lb (Brown) - RidgeMonkey RM-Tec Mono 18lb (Clear) - RidgeMonkey RM-Tec Fluoro 20lb (Clear/white) - RidgeMonkey RM-Tec Braid 30lb (Green)

That’s not all on the new equipment front. We have also added 12 new baits to the game! - Baitworks Monster Red 18mm Boilie - Baitworks Scent from Heaven 15mm Pop Up - Baitworks Scent from Hell 15mm Pop Up - Hydra Baits SOS 20mm Boilie - Hydra Baits Hex 14mm Pop Up - Mainline Banoffee 15mm Boilie - Mainline Tutti Fruitti 15mm Pop Up - Mainline Milky Toffee 15mm Pop Up - Mainline Tuna Match Boilies 8mm Boilie - Enterprise Tackle Niteglow boilies small - Enterprise Tackle Niteglow Sweetcorn small - Enterprise Tackle Imitation Prawns Large

In other changes we have moved the button for changing swims in Single Player Tournaments to X/Square. The behaviour of Leather Carp has been adjusted to make it more realistic and a wider range of the species will now take the appropriate baits.

Full patch notes can be found below Reel Speed – reel speed can now be increased/decreased using RB/LB. ‘Reset cast’ control is now set to ‘B’ to make room for reel speed controls. 'Change swim’ in single player tournaments is now set to ‘X’. 5 new lines and 12 new baits have been added to the Tackle Shop. Adjusted Leather Carp behaviour to be more realistic, a wider weight range of the species now take the appropriate baits. Audio improvements for ambience and footsteps. Fixed audio issue with slipping line. Fixed crash when removing Ethernet cable. (Xbox only) * Various minor localisation bug fixes.


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