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City Transport Simulator: Tram Arrives on Early Access

Well, that was a quick month or so! With the wait now over, we’re delighted to announce that City Transport Simulator: Tram has finally entered into Early Access on Steam, so head on over to our Steam store page and check out it out!
The work doesn’t stop now that we’re in Early Access – check out our Roadmap for all the exciting things we’ve got coming your way in the near and distant future. Big thanks to those who have already wishlisted City Transport Simulator: Tram, and to everyone who is planning on grabbing it while in the Early Access phase.
About City Transport Simulator: Tram
In City Transport Simulator: Tram, you will be playing the role of a tram driver, transporting passengers to their destinations around the city of Tramau. Choose from three true-to-life real-world trams, each with its own cab, interior, mode, and function. Pick up and drop off passengers while adhering to the timetable as you become familiar with your favourite tram.
Brand new to City Transport Simulator: Tram is the introduction of a career mode! As Tramau’s new tram operations manager, it’s up to you to turn around the fortunes of the city’s tram network. Develop your tram operation into a city-spanning tram network by starting with limited resources and just one tram. As you progress and earn XP, you’ll increase the number of trams in your fleet, customise and edit your own timetables, and place over 100 possible tramlines wherever you like in order to link up 39 stations.
About Tramau
While the trams in City Transport Simulator: Tram are true-to-life simulations of real-world trams, the city of Tramau is entirely of our own making. Tramau has a lot of awesome points of interest and architectural pieces reminiscent of Southern German cities for you to explore, as well as a rich and storied history going back to the 12th century. This was a crucial decision for us to make, because we didn't want the game to feel stifled if it were set in a city with a tram network already in place. This way, you can expand Tramau’s tram network and place stations wherever you like! There’s 22.5km worth of track at your disposal which will only increase as we continue to develop the game.
About Early Access & Benefits
Whether you’re a member of our passionate tram community or you’re new to the tram simulator experience, we love and welcome feedback. Going into Early Access means we can take all that feedback and apply it as we continue to improve the game and see it through to 1.0 release. We want City Transport Simulator: Tram to achieve its fullest potential, and we can only do that by going into Early Access and listening to what you have to say about it.
We’ve also got some pretty cool Early Access goodies for you all to enjoy! When you pick up the game in Early Access, you’ll get it at a reduced price (£24.99/29.99€/$29.99) than if you waited for full release! Early Access also includes some shiny new trams we’re still working on, and you’ll get those as soon as they’re ready; the ULF A1, and a modern Viennese tram.
Get in Touch & Keep Updated
If you want to keep up to date with latest news, development updates, and other fun things, be sure to check out our Steam store page, follow us on our social channels (Discord, Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter/X, visit, and sign up to our mailing list.
Thank you all again for believing in us and coming along on this Early Access journey – it really means a lot to us. We hope you have a great time with it, and we’ll be back with more news very soon.
City Transport Simulator
14 Jun
City Transport Simulator: Tram Arrives on Early Access