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Catanians, October is here so it’s time to Fall into this, the latest edition of the CATAN – Console Edition Roadmap.
If you’ve missed our previous Roadmaps you can check them out on our website here
If you’re new here, the purpose of the Roadmap is to keep you up to date and discuss all things the future of the game.
  • Next Turn: Content we expect to release in the next 3 months.
  • On the Horizon: Content we’re actively developing and will likely come 3-6 months plus from now
Everything we are about to discuss is subject to change and may end up coming later (or, sometimes earlier!) than expected.
This should be a fun one as after all, it is the spookiest month of them all.

The Lowdown

Ever heard that expression, TL;DR? It means ‘too long; didn’t read’. I can relate to that. This picture ^ gives you an overview of what’s to come. Want more information? Keep scrolling!

Next Turn

Next turn is content we expect to release in the next 3 months.

Reap & Sow: Fall Content Pack

The first of the seasonal content packs arrives to CATAN – Console Edition in the form of Reap & Sow on October 17th, 2023 (unless you own the Season Pass… then it’s all there, right now!) Prepare to get max-level spooky as the island of CATAN has been covered in pumpkins, scarecrows, and goody bags worth of deliciously ghoulish content!
It's not just the board that’s donning its finest fall fashion, there’s also new characters, dice, hex frames, and an all-new soundtrack. Let’s take a look, starting with the island!
How about some new Dice & Hex Frames.
And some new characters.
Finally, here is one of 3 all-new music tracks that really set the spooky mood!
You can get access to Reap & Sow and enjoy all the spooky content right now if you already own, or purchase the Season Pass. It will also be available to purchase standalone on October 17th, 2023!
In summary, Reap & Sow is the first of three Seasonal Content packs that make up the Season Pass. The Season Pass also includes The Helpers, which is out now and, Cities & Knights when it is released, as a reminder of everything included in the Season Pass, here is a convenient infographic.

Nintendo Switch

CATAN – Console Edition: Super Deluxe is coming to Nintendo Switch on November 9th, 2023, and will be available to pre-order from November 2nd and you can save 10% when purchasing during the pre-order!
The Super Deluxe edition that’s coming to the Nintendo Switch includes not only the base game of CATAN but also comes with The Helpers add-on, plus 5 Championship Maps as shown by yet, another very convenient infographic.
Let’s treat ourselves to a look at a few screenshots taken from in-game.
We can’t wait to welcome all our new Nintendo Switch-owning Catanians to our little island on November 9th be sure to keep an eye on our social channels for all things, CATAN – Console Edition: Super Deluxe!

Ice & Snow: Winter Content Pack

To wrap up a very busy Next Turn and 2023 we need to talk about Ice & Snow: Winter Content Pack. Snow is falling, all around the island of Catan, there are gifts, snow-people, whales, all-new Christmas-inspired music, and we even have a Santa robber!
We don’t want to spoil it, but we thought you might appreciate a sneaky work-in-progress screenshot!
Before we wrap up Next Turn, let’s talk about quality-of-life improvements and game updates.
Over the last few weeks, we have released a few updates that resolved a couple of issues, the main issue being the robber starting in the wrong position. We believe this issue had various other knock-on issues that should now also be resolved.
In terms of what we’re focusing on right now, the team is looking into various areas of improvement including many of which have been submitted to us via you, our resident Catanians.

On The Horizon

On the Horizon is content we’re actively developing and will likely come 3-6 months from now

Cities & Knights

Development of Cities & Knights is going very well. It provides a drastically new way to experience CATAN, introduces various new mechanics and rules and is a big old job for the team to bring to CATAN – Console Edition and we’re dedicated to doing the expansion the justice it deserves!

Bloom & Grow: Spring Content Pack

As we get used to writing 2024, not 2023 and the ground begins to thaw and nature springs back to life our third and final seasonal content pack will arrive in the shape of Bloom & Grow. It’s a little too early for us to show you any teasers for this one but we’ll have more details on what will be included (hopefully) in the next Roadmap in January.

5-6 Player Extension

The 5-6 Player Extension remains in “On The Horizon”. The team has been focusing on exciting new content in the form of the Nintendo Switch version of CATAN – Console Edition plus the Season Pass content (especially Cities & Knights). This has meant the dev team has had less time to focus their efforts on this extension. We don't have an update to share this time around, but it's still something the team are actively working on and we're looking forward to bringing you in the future.
The 5-6 Player Extension will, be compatible with the base game and Helpers.
That’s a wrap folks, we hope you’re as excited about the future of CATAN – Console Edition as we are. If you aren’t already follow us across our social at @DTGBoardgames to stay up to date with all things CATAN – Console Edition. For now though, see you down the road, Catanians.
CATAN - Console Edition
12 Oct