CATAN - Console Edition


CATAN – Console Edition is out now, and today we’ve released our first game update. This update is available on both Xbox and PlayStation, so be sure to make sure you update your game before you next jump in!


  • Ensured Online Multiplayer lobbies are limited to allow a maximum of 4 players to join.
  • The "Start" game button will no longer be un-selectable when moving from playing online to configuring a game offline.
  • Various improvements to how boats are visually represented around the island.
  • Multiple improvements to Trading, including preventing loss of functionality from occurring. If you are still experiencing problems with trading, get in touch.
  • Hosts no longer become stuck in the menus when attempting to leave a public or private Online Multiplayer game.

The Rest

  • Prevented 'No resource collection' sound from playing when loading into a game.
  • The audio and visuals during the Tutorial Videos are now in sync.
  • Resolved an issue that caused save files to corrupt if a player quit the game during the "set-up" phase.
  • Online Multiplayer menus will no longer appear blank or become stuck when backing out of a lobby.
  • Players are no longer able to highlight an occupied road when selecting where to place their own, new road.
  • During the setup of private Online Multiplayer games, the host can no longer edit another player’s character settings.
  • The Robber will no longer appear to be leaning or sinking into the ground.
  • When a player gains Resources and purchases a Development Card at about the same time it will be more obvious.
  • Ships will now always be in their harbours by the time a player is placing their first Settlement.
  • A loss of internet connection during the set up phase of an Online Multiplayer game will no longer cause issues for the remaining players in the lobby.
  • Various other small improvements and changes to interface and localisation (translations).

Early Access Feedback

This will be the first of many game updates and during Early Access there were a few things that have come up several times that we wanted to make sure we addressed.
Feedback: “Why can’t I place my first Settlements and Roads?”
Status: We are working on changes to make this clearer and we will explain those changes once they are live, in game.
Tip: As it stands right now, it works like this: When setting up a game you have the option to have “Variable Setup” on or off. If you leave it off you’ll play on the default board. Alternatively you can pick one of the 5 Championship board layouts where initial settlements and roads will be placed for you. If you toggle “Variable Setup” on, you’ll play on a random board layout with randomised terrain hexes and number tokens. You will also have full control of your initial settlements and roads.
Feedback: “Some kind of time limit per turn would really help”
Status: We’ve heard your feedback and timer functionality will be included in a future update.
Finally, we are aware that some Xbox players are experiencing issues with their controllers. Either they have no functionality or, when joining a Quick Play game it appears as if more than one controller connected. We are investigating this issue, but these steps should help to resolve this issue:
  1. Plug in your controller with a USB cable
  2. Update your controller firmware
  3. Power cycle your console
  4. Start the game with just one controller connected.
For further info on this please check out the Xbox Support website.
Feedback from you is vital and very much appreciated. If you are experiencing a problem, please contact our Support Team. If you’d like to share feedback with us and talk with your fellow Catanians you can do so on our Forums or Discord.
That wraps up this first update, thank you again for your feedback and we’ll catch you down the road, Catanians!
CATAN - Console Edition