CATAN - Console Edition


It’s time to Trade, Build and Settle on a boardgame that COMES TO LIFE! CATAN – Console Edition is OUT NOW on PlayStation 4 & 5, Xbox One, X/S!

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CATAN - Console Edition: OUT NOW!

  • CATAN – Console Edition = £16.99*/$19.99/€19.99
  • CATAN – Console Edition: Deluxe = £19.99/$24.99/€24.99
*Xbox price. PlayStation version = £15.99
It’s been a long road to launch... Some might say the ‘Longest Road’! But CATAN – Console Edition is finally here! Whether you’re a fan of the iconic boardgame, a general fan of boardgames or just enjoy games you can play with your friends, CATAN – Console Edition has something for everyone!
Play with friends and family together around the couch, invite your friends to play online regardless of what console they own with cross-play, join a multiplayer game and get matched against players around the world, or sit back and play solo against the AI.
I think we all agree that CATAN is best played together ! And with the Card Companion on smartphones, friends can all gather around one TV without the risk of seeing the resources that others have. No app required! Simply scan the QR code in-game and follow the link.
Online play utilises cross-play to ensure you can play with others around the world from both PlayStation and Xbox platforms and solo players can enjoy life on the island by tackling the various AI characters based on CATAN lore that each have their own way of building and trading.
There’s also a host of challenges to complete in a game where no two boards are the same and players can customise their experience with Dice Skins and Hex Frames showcasing their skills to other players.
A staple among board game fans for almost 30 years, CATAN is played worldwide both at home and competitively in tournaments! With CATAN – Console Edition, you can become immersed in a board full of detail, set on the island of Catan and populated with characters gathering resources, sheep roaming their respective hexes and the Robber waiting for their moment to cause mischief. Ships occupy the surrounding harbours and Settlements and Cities appear as players continue to build and trade with one another. It’s a board game that comes to life!
Success on Catan comes from earning Victory Points, which can be gained in various ways including building the ‘Longest Road’ or amassing the ‘Largest Army’. Building Cities and Settlements also earn these points with the five key resources on the island needed to build and expand in the areas between the hexes.
Strategy is key to success and players will have to decide throughout each game whether to plough on with their own building, or work with their opponents, AI or real, by trading resources and moving the Robber in order to thwart others’ progress. Every game of CATAN provides a new experience and will test your strategic prowess!
Now that CATAN – Console Edition is out in the wild we want to make sure you know where to go if you have any questions, are experiencing a problem, have feedback, or just want to find and meet fellow players!
To start with, click this blue text to find answers to frequently asked questions, Game Rules, Almanac, and Video Tutorials. If you are experiencing a bug or problem in the game, you can click that blue text to submit a support ticket detailing the problem to us here.
We have plenty of spaces for you to talk to and meet fellow CATAN – Console Edition players so feel free to join the conversation on our Forums or join our official Discord server.
We’re so excited that CATAN – Console Edition is finally here, but that doesn’t mean the work is done. We’ve already seen lots of fantastic feedback and suggestions from the community and we are proactively working on implementing several of those changes. Keep an eye on our social channels, or the in-game News page that you can access via the menus in Profile for future patch notes.
CATAN - Console Edition