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We have been working with Falcon Boats to bring you their F20 Predator to Bassmaster® Fishing 2022.
Falcon Boats aim is to make the best high quality and high performing tournament-worthy boats, which is exactly why we wanted our players to get their hands on the F20 Predator in Bassmaster® Fishing 2022.
Here is a pre-alpha look in Bassmaster® Fishing 2022, one of many boats you'll be able to use when the game comes out later this year. Our Art team are working hard on a stunning boat wrap design to finish this boat. So, for now , we wanted to share with you how the 3D model looks in-game and how one of our artists , Vincent, has made the F20 Predator.

How we make the boats

When making boats for Bassmaster® Fishing 2022, the team has a process to go through to make sure the boats look as good as possible in-game! We spoke to Vincent Turner one of our 3D Artists, who broke down the important steps when it comes to making boats for the game.

3D Model

Vincent will first pull reference images of the boat he is going to make; with these references he starts to block out the basic shapes in 3D modelling software. Once the basic shapes are in place, we then work on scaling to make sure that we have the correct proportions between different aspects of the boat. Now that the boat’s scale is correct, Vincent can then focus on modelling the details, all these extra details are what bring the boat to life. Getting the model right is one of the longest tasks when making a boat. Currently the images you are seeing are still work in progress, but we want the boat to replicate the real life one as close as possible, so Vincent will spend more time focusing on this early part of the process.


(The letters "U" and "V" denote the axes of the 2D texture)

Next up, the 3D model needs to be unwrapped to make UVs. Imagine you have made a cube out of paper and you need to take the cube apart into one 2D flat piece - this process is the same, but your cube is the boat and the final flat piece at the end is your UV. This is an important step because the UVs tell the engine how to map the 2D texture images onto the 3D model.


After being unwrapped, the boat can now be textured. Textures like carpet, rubber, metal, and more are designed and painted onto the model to start making it look like a real boat. For Bassmaster® Fishing 2022, the artists have a new method for texturing the boats. Before, we would use one texture tile for the whole boat, but now, the artists are able to use multiple texture tiles on one boat. What this means is that boat textures will be at a higher resolution and look better than ever before.


Once the boat has been textured, it is then brought across into the game engine. In engine we can change the colour for lots of different parts on the boat, and this is done by splitting the boat out into separate parameters. Once this step is done, the boat is then handed over to the rest of the team to be rigged for animation.


In Bassmaster® Fishing 2022, you’ll work up the ranks as you conquer tournaments. You’ll be able to equip yourself with better kit as you travel along your journey to the Bassmaster® Classic. Boats such as the F20 Predator will have you shooting around the water quicker and ultimately, will help you in your quest to lift that coveted Bassmaster® Classic trophy.
The F20 Predator is just one of many great boats you’ll be able to use in Bassmaster® Fishing 2022, so make sure you don't miss a drop of info on the great equipment you'll be using later this year by following us on our social channels and joining our Bassmaster® Fishing 2022 Newsletter!
Bassmaster Fishing 2022
Falcon Boats - Bassmaster® Fishing 2022