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2022 Online Bassmaster Classic

Who’s ready to put their skills to the test and compete against the world to be crowned the 2022 Online Bassmaster Classic champion?
Between the dates of March 4 - 6 the real world 2022 Academy Sports + Outdoors Bassmaster Classic® presented by Huk will be held at the iconic, Lake Hartwell. What does that mean for Bassmaster® Fishing 2022, I hear you ask?
If you didn’t already know, on February 17 we are releasing the 2022 Bassmaster Classic Update & Lake Hartwell to Bassmaster Fishing 2022, for all the details you can read our article HERE.
But let’s talk about the 2022 Online Bassmaster Classic. Here are the key nuggets of information, you can keep reading below for a more detailed breakdown.
What is 2022 Online Bassmaster Classic?
Starting Feb 24, we are kicking off our inaugural 2022 Online Bassmaster Classic. Players across all platforms will be competing against each other in a 3-round tournament to see who will be crowned the 2022 Online Bassmaster Classic Champion.
The competition follows official Bassmaster rules, meaning the combined weight of your top 5 weight bass (Largemouth and Spotted) will be added to the leader board. Round 1 will start at 00:00 PST/08:00 UTC on February 24 and run till March 1.
Round 2 will kick off at 00:00 PST/08:00 UTC on March 2 to March 5 with the final round lining up with the real-world final of March 6, like the other rounds it will start at 00:00 PST/08:00 UTC and will end March 7 00:00 PST/08:00 UTC.
If you own the Lake Hartwell DLC you will have 3 attempts per round to post the highest total weight you can. If you do not own the DLC you will have 1 attempt per round, but if you complete your attempt and decide you want to try again, purchasing the DLC will enable you to complete your additional 2 attempts.
Each attempt is 60 minutes out on the water, you do not need to return to the starting dock, your attempt will end when the timer hits 0:00. If you need to/want to you can suspend your attempt and return to it later via the pause menu. Just make sure you complete your attempts before the round ends. The winner will be the player who has the highest total weight over the 3 rounds.
To compete in the event from the main menu click on Bassmaster Online.
By taking part in the event you will be rewarded with exclusive cosmetic items, check them out!
The 2022 Online Bassmaster Classic kicks off on February 24. Gear up for the 2022 Online Bassmaster Classic (and the real-life Bassmaster Classic!) from the comfort of your own home this February and March and be sure to tag us in your catches on social media using #2022BMOnlineClassic
Tight Lines!
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