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Train Simulator 2021 – Birmingham Bound!

Experience the pinnacle of high-speed travel in the UK and bustling commuter services with WCML South: Euston - Birmingham in the Train Simulator 2021 Deluxe Edition!
The West Coast Main Line as it is today was not initially intended as a single line stretching from London to Glasgow, it was instead many smaller, individual lines that gradually linked up from the 1830s to the 1880s.
The London and Birmingham Railway opened their section in 1838, making it the first inter-city line to be built into London, it started from the city’s Euston station and made the 113-mile trip to Birmingham Curzon Street, calling at the likes of Rugby and Coventry en route.
Over the decades, more and more stations popped up along the route, and services switched to Birmingham New Street. In the south, additional lines were built to Watford to increase commuter capacity, these lines now form part of the London Overground network. The main line itself has seen many changes, but none are quite as striking as the introduction of the Class 390 Pendolino, which tilts its way up to 125 mph and now adorns the bold Avanti West Coast livery.
Alongside the Class 390 Pendolino you will also be able to jump in the cab and take control of 5 other trains, the BR Class 221 Super Voyager in Avanti West Coast livery, the BR Class 378 Captialstar in London Overground livery, BR Class 350 Desiro EMU in London Midland livery, BR Class 377 Electrostar EMU in Southern livery and the Powerhaul Class 66!
Get ready to take to the tracks of one of the most important railway corridors in the UK, and operate a mix of express, stopper, commuter and freight services with Train Simulator’s WCML South: Euston – Birmingham route!
Available to purchase separately, or as part of the Deluxe Edition for Train Simulator 2021, coming to Steam on 17th September.
Train Simulator
Train Simulator 2021 – Birmingham Bound!
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