TS18: The Allgäubahn

Stretching north out of Lindau, southern Germany, the Allgäubahn for Train Simulator, coming soon from Partner Programme developer RSSLO, sees historical rails twinned with modern traction.

The Allgäubahn dates back to the mid-1800s, making it in-part one of the oldest in Germany. The line out of Lindau, the southern terminus perched upon a small island, was built in the early 1850s and connected the city of Munich to locations throughout Bavaria.

The original route for the line would head out to Augsburg, before heading south into the Allgäu region, however in 1873 a more direct route was established. Originally single-track, the line was doubled in 1907 to meet demands, however it has never been fully electrified – seeing only steam and diesel motive power throughout its life.

Service frequency is typically hourly for most stations, with trains forming regional services of varying length to provide a variety of routing options. In its past, the line has been home to several express trains, including InterCity Express, although today this is covered by a EuroCity train. Freight is seldom seen, but can traverse the route when required.

Making its way through the valleys of Bavaria, the Allgäubahn is laden with many curves; it was this that enforced the decision to modify the line for tilting traction, and today, DB BR 612 tilting DMUs (available separately) are used for many services.

Also brought in to modernise the route was a fleet of DB BR 245 locomotives, these are diesel-powered variants of Bombardier’s TRAXX family - they are capable of 160 km/h and are paired with double decker coaches to increase overall comfort and capacity throughout Allgäu.

In Train Simulator, RSSLO have captured the southern portion of the historical 89 km route from Kempten to Lindau, the latter a terminus also present on the expansive Three Country Corner route (available separately). In addition to this, the equally scenic 20 km branch between Immenstadt and Oberstdorf makes an appearance.

Prepare to explore the valleys of Bavaria with the Allgäubahn: Kempten - Lindau & Immenstadt - Oberstdorf route, coming soon to Train Simulator! ■

ALG_0002 Accelerating out of Kempten, one of several larger stations in the Allgäu region, a service bound for Lindau makes for the hills and valleys which slowly envelope the line (above and below). ALG_0003 ALG_0004 Lush greenery populates the trackside as regional services wind their way through Bavaria (above), and the views are consistently spectacular, especially from a drivers’ point of view with mountains lining the horizon (below). ALG_0005 ALG_0006 The mostly single-track branch out of Oberstdorf is nestled within towering peaks, and as it tucks in close to the German/Austrian border, these mountains mark the start of the Alps (above). Meanwhile, as the line makes its way towards Immenstadt, it passes several small towns which have settled around waterways (below). ALG_0007 ALG_0008 The scenic Allgäubahn, coming soon to Train Simulator!


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