TS18: The 315, Available Now!

Take control of the Shenfield Metro, as Waggonz and Armstrong Powerhouse have brought their incredible BR Class 315 to Steam for authentic Great Eastern action

Enjoy Stunning Detail

Everything from each switch in the cab to the old and new headlight clusters have been recreated with absolute fidelity, making for a rich driving experience from dawn until dusk.

Realism Re-Imagined

On certain routes, the guard has, or once had, complete control over the opening and closing of the doors, including on the Shenfield Metro service, and so, a brand new guard feature means you no longer have to open the doors when stopping at a station, unless you want to (details of which are included in the comprehensive manual).

Features to Impress

Cold Start options, scrollable destination displays, CSR & GSM-R implementation, accurate wheelslip and wheelslide protection behaviour; all this, and more, make way for a unit fitting of ‘Pro Range’ status, of that there is no doubt. Dive in today and master the art of commuter action aboard the GEML BR Class 315, which is available now with…

  • 2 liveries, Blue/White and White
  • Advanced features
  • A trio of Career scenarios for the GEML London – Ipswich route

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