TS18: Salt Lake City Bound!

Written by: Gary Dolzall.

Coming soon: An extension of the Train Simulator Soldier Summit route – and an Electro-Motive GP40-2!

Train Simulator’s Soldier Summit route, delivering dramatic and challenging Denver & Rio Grande and Amtrak action across the rugged Wasatch Range of the Rocky Mountains, has been a popular community favorite since its release in 2015 – and soon a new enhanced edition of the Soldier Summit route extending west to Salt Lake City will be available!

The upcoming Soldier Summit: Helper to Salt Lake City route will bring 44 additional main line miles to the route (with the new segment extending west from Provo, Utah to Salt Lake City). The expanded route will now offer the full experience of Rio Grande’s famed Sixth Subdivision of the railroad’s Utah Division and, from Helper on the east to Salt Lake City on the west, will represent 118 miles of big-time Western mountain railroading!

Along with extended main line operations set against stunning mountain scenery, the upcoming extension to Salt Lake City will include a variety of captivating features and locations adding operational depth and challenges to the D&RGW route. Highlights of the extension will include:

  • The expansive Geneva Steel Works located adjacent to the D&RGW main line north of Provo at Vineyard, Utah. The famous and bustling Geneva Works was the largest steel facility in the western United States and generated heavy tonnage for the D&RGW, including inbound raw materials and outbound steel products.
  • Rio Grande’s Midvale (Utah) yard at the junction of the D&RGW main line with Rio Grande’s Bingham Branch.
  • D&RGW’s sprawling and busy Roper Yard in Salt Lake City.
  • Two large and classic-era rail passenger stations in Salt Lake City as built by the Union Pacific and Rio Grande.

As a vital and bustling route for D&RGW manifest and coal tonnage, steel-related traffic to and from the great Geneva Works, and the route of famous passenger trains including the California Zephyr and Rio Grande Zephyr, the 118-mile Soldier Summit: Helper to Salt Lake City route, set in the early 1980s, promises an extraordinary and unique Train Simulator experience!

And there’s more exciting news: Concurrent with the upcoming release of the Soldier Summit extension, an Electro-Motive GP40-2 diesel in Rio Grande and four other railroad liveries is coming to Train Simulator! Electro-Motive’s highly successful 3,000-horsepower GP40-2 was produced between 1972 and 1986, and more than 1,100 units were constructed. Train Simulator’s upcoming GP40-2 DLC will feature the potent and highly successful GP40-2 in five authentic liveries: D&RGW; Western Pacific; Union Pacific; CSX (YN3), and Norfolk Southern!

Accompanying the Train Simulator GP40-2 in this upcoming DLC pack will be a D&RGW dolomite hopper perfect for use on the Soldier Summit extension, as well as a superb collection of contemporary freight equipment including a 3-bay covered hopper, stone hopper, coil steel car, 86-foot auto box, and 50-foot boxcar in appropriate liveries.

Stay tuned here at Dovetail Live, as in the coming weeks, we’ll be sharing further details – and advance screenshots – of both the upcoming Soldier Summit route extension and the landmark Train Simulator Electro-Motive GP40-2. – Gary Dolzall

SSE-02 On the Soldier Summit route, D&RGW trains meet amid the rugged Wasatch Range. Great new and challenging American railroading action – in the form of an extension to the popular Soldier Summit route and a new Electro-Motive GP40-2 – are coming soon to Train Simulator, so stayed tuned here at Dovetail Live for further information!


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