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TS19: Roarin’ Hudson Railroading!

Written by: Gary Dolzall.
Now available, Hudson Line Scenario Pack 01 brings Metro-North, Amtrak, and CSX railroading to roaring life in 10 realistic career scenarios!
Metro-North electric and diesel commuters, Amtrak Empire Service passenger trains, and CSX freight action combine to make the Hudson Line north from New York City one of America’s busiest and most famous rail lines. And now, High Iron Simulations brings the railroading on this popular TS2019 route to full and roaring life with the new Hudson Line Scenario Pack 01.
Train Simulator’s Hudson Line route extends from New York City and its legendary stations – Grand Central Terminal and Penn Station – north along the scenic and historic Hudson River to Croton-Harmon, New York. Hudson Line Scenario Pack 01 and its ten realistic career scenarios puts you at the controls of diverse electric and diesel equipment for a variety of railroading challenges set amid the endless motion of this remarkable and historic American rail line.
With Hudson Line Scenario Pack 01, you’ll serve as the engineer of Metro-North’s workhorse Bombardier M7A EMUs and its dual-power GE P32AC-DMs in commuter service; you handle Amtrak GE Genesis diesels working fast-paced, Amfleet-equipped Empire Service intercity trains; and you’ll be called to duty aboard CSX EMD SD40-2 and NRE “GenSet” locomotives to tote heavy tonnage and handle local and switching duties.
Hudson Line Scenario Pack 01’s ten career scenarios, which are closely based on actual Metro-North, Amtrak, and CSX operations, will take you to all the captivating locations on the Hudson Line: Grand Central Terminal and Penn Station; the west side Empire Connection; the scenic route along the Hudson River to Croton-Harmon; sprawling Croton-Harmon yard and shops; and Oak Point, Harlem River, and Hunts Point facilities in the Bronx!
Note: This pack requires the Train Simulator Hudson Line: New York – Croton-Harmon route. Select scenarios also require the NEC: New York-New Haven route add-on and/or the Metro-North Kawasaki M8 EMU add-on. All required content is available at the Steam Store.
Experience challenging and authentic Metro-North commuter, Amtrak intercity passenger, and CSX freight railroading along of one America’s busiest rail routes – with High Iron Simulations’ new Hudson Line Scenario Pack 01, now available at the Steam and Dovetail Games Stores! – Gary Dolzall
High Iron Simulations brings the popular TS2019 Hudson Line route to roaring life with the new Hudson Line Scenario Pack 01. In the scenario “All Stops to GCT,” you’ve been called as engineer of Metro-North Train 773, a M7A-equipped “all stops” morning local from Croton-Harmon to New York’s Grand Central Terminal with a challenging 19 intermediate station stops. At Marble Hill, Train 773 meets an outbound set of MNCR M7As. Screenshots by Gary Dolzall.
In “Semi-Express to Croton-Harmon,” one of ten realistic career scenarios in the pack, you’ll take the controls of Metro-North Bombardier M7A EMUs for a busy evening rush-hour run from New York Grand Central Terminal. Bound for Croton-Harmon, an eight-car set of MNCR’s stylish M7As makes it station stop at Yonkers, New York.
On the Hudson Line, Metro-North operates a mix of M7A EMUs and diesel-powered trains. In the scenario “Bound for Poughkeepsie,” you are the engineer of MNCR Train 809 operating out of Grand Central Terminal. MNCR GE P32AC-DM 218 is leading Train 809’s seven Shoreliner commuter cars into Harlem amid the hustle and bustle of the ever-busy MNCR line.
Hudson Line Scenario Pack 01 features diverse Metro-North, Amtrak, and CSX action, and in the career scenario “Toronto Bound,” you are the engineer of Amtrak’s New York-to-Toronto Maple Leaf, making the run north from New York Penn Station. Amtrak GE P32AC-DM 713 is on the point as the Amfleet-equipped Maple Leaf makes its way along the scenic Hudson River and meets a New York City-bound Amtrak Empire Service train.
CSX symbol Q-704, sometimes nicknamed "the trash train," is primarily devoted to moving municipal waste tonnage from New York City. In the career scenario “CSX Train Q-704,” you are the engineer of a Q-704 and, after pulling together the train’s consist at Oak Point and Harlem River yards in the Bronx, you’ll head north via the Oak Point Link and the Hudson Line.
The scenario “Metro-North Train 886” puts you to work aboard a Metro-North Shoreliner cab car for a busy evening run along the Hudson River from Croton-Harmon to New York City with limited stops en route. Inbound for Grand Central Terminal, Train 886 and its Shoreliners meets a northbound MNCR M7A-equipped train along the Hudson Line’s four-track main line.
In Hudson Line Scenario Pack 01’s “Destination Highbridge” career scenario, you are the engineer of Metro-North Harlem Line Train 334 en route to Grand Central Terminal. As the scenario begins, you are making a station stop at Melrose and, after arrival at GCT, you will be assigned to dead head the consist of M7A EMUs to MNCR’s maintenance facility at Highbridge.
High Iron Simulations’ newest realistic scenario pack puts you to work in CSX mainline freight, local, and switching duty. In the scenario “CSX Local B-749,” you are the engineer of the Croton-Harmon based CSX local turn with EMD SD40-2 power and you will be departing Croton-Harmon southbound and handling lineside switching duties at Ludlow.
Dating back to the New York Central era, intercity passenger trains on the Hudson Line originated or terminated in New York City’s Grand Central Terminal. That changed in 1991 when Amtrak consolidated its New York operations at Penn Station, but in the summer of 2018 Amtrak Hudson Line trains returned briefly to GCT due to track rehabilitation at Penn Station. And in the scenario “Like Old Times,” you are the engineer of Amtrak Empire Service Train 242 departing Croton-Harmon and bound for Grand Central on an autumn evening.
NRE “GenSet” diesels entered CSX service in 2007 and an early assignment of the distinctive locomotives was at Oak Point Yard in the Bronx. In the career scenario “Oak Point GenSets,” you are the engineer of a morning yard job at Oak Point and you’ll be working the yard then making local deliveries. Along the Hell Gate Line of the Northeast Corridor, CSX GenSets are making their back-up movement into the Hunts Point produce terminal and transloading facility.
It is rush-hour and four MNCR trains converge on New York’s Park Avenue viaduct. Challenging and bustling Metro-North commuter, Amtrak intercity passenger, and CSX freight railroading along of one America’s busiest rail routes awaits you – with the new Hudson Line Scenario Pack 01, now available at the Steam and Dovetail Games Stores!
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TS19: Roarin’ Hudson Railroading!
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