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TS19: Locos coming to Train Simulator this Month

August is looking to be a fantastic month for Train Simulator, the Gotthardbahn Alpine Classic from Rivet Games has already released, and more routes are on the way, as are an array of additional trains that you can expand your collection with...

D&RGW SW1200

Salt Lake switching comes to life with Digital Train Model’s upcoming SW1200 locomotive, featuring lots of customisation options as well as additional rolling stock – including the Rio Grande 01200-class caboose in no less than 6 liveries.

DB BR 204

Germany is also due some assembling action as we will soon be bringing the DB BR 204 to Train Simulator. Historically known as the “V100” – the DB BR 204 was the reclassification brought to those locomotives that were rebuilt with a newer, 1100 kW engine. With this newfound power, the DB BR 204 was able to strive on into modern day service with Deutsche Bahn, and you’ll be putting this classic shunter to work on the portside rails of the Inselbahn route.

ÖBB 4744

Austria’s going to get more modern traction as the hard-working efforts of Skyhook Games will ensure the stylish ÖBB 4744 “Cityjet” comes to Train Simulator in authentic Pro Range style. ÖBB ordered a large fleet of these main line EMUs in 2010 to tackle frequent, high capacity passenger operations, and it’s scheduled for duty on the stunning Semmeringbahn route.


Step back in time to an era of soot and steam with Bossman Games’ LMS 8F, which shall soon be making an appearance on the Steam and Dovetail Games stores. The London Midland & Scottish 8F was designed by William Stanier as a heavy freight variant of his Black 5, and over 850 were produced in total, including some for overseas use.
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Train Simulator
TS19: Locos coming to Train Simulator this Month
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