Train Simulator

TS19: Explore the Chengkun Railway!

SimTech Vision, who have previously crafted other authentic Chinese routes such as the Longhai Railway, have now crafted the the mountainous 114km section of the Chengkun Railway between Hanyuan and Puxiong, complete with breath-taking scenery... and it has arrived for Train Simulator!
You will be doing battle with the gradients on board two workhorse locomotives; the HXD3C which heads the bulk of commuter and express passenger traffic, and the HXD1, a twin unit locomotive that was built in their masses to haul heavy freight trains and do so with ease.

Key Features

  • 114km route from Hanyuan to Puxiong
  • Detailed & mountainous Sichuan Province scenery
  • Iconic locations such as the Naitou loop
  • LKJ signalling system implementation
  • HXD3C passenger locomotive and HXD1 freight locomotive
  • Full set of 25G passenger cars
  • 6 career scenarios
  • 2 Free roam scenarios
  • Quick drive compatible
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Train Simulator
TS19: Explore the Chengkun Railway!
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