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TS18: Explore New Ground!

A uniquely scenic section of the Longhai Railway, from Lingbao to Mianchi, is available now for Train Simulator, courtesy of Partner Programme developer Simtech Vision!
Over 100 km of brand new, bustling Chinese rail is raring to be explored. Through the beauty of the Henan province, you will be in charge of prominent passenger and freight traffic with plenty of horsepower at your disposal. The electric duo - HXD1 and HXD1C locomotives – are your key to unlocking a fantastic experience; managing speed, keeping to time, and monitoring equipment.
Through the course of 6 Career scenarios, your duty will vary from freight hauling to passenger pick-ups, local rescue workings and inter-city spectaculars (and the weather might not be favourable either)! Both locomotives can perform each role with ease, and the scenarios on offer reflect this. Of course, you can also make your own journeys come to life within Quick Drive.
Take to a new set of rails today – the Longhai Railway: Lingbao to Mianchi – is available now for Train Simulator!

Included Scenarios

  • (HXD1) How to drive the HXD series locomotives
  • (HXD1C) Freight express
  • (HXD1) Heavy freight service and passenger train rescue
  • (HXD1) L5666 passenger service
  • (HXD1C) 35665 freight service
  • (HXD1C) K870 passenger service


  • Accurate recreation of the 106 km route from Lingbao to Mianchi
  • Detailed beautiful Chinese scenery
  • LKJ Signalling System
  • HXD1 Double Electric Loco
  • HXD1C Electric Loco
  • Both locos feature a realistic start-up process
  • Includes KD25G, YZ25G, XL25G passenger rolling stock
  • Includes P70, C70, P65, G70K, NX17B freight rolling stock
  • Quick-drive compatible
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Train Simulator
14 Jun
TS18: Explore New Ground!
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